By Jennifer Peedom

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2015-09-18
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 35min
  • Director: Jennifer Peedom
  • Production Company: Felix Media
  • Production Country: Nepal, Australia
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
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SHERPA goes deep inside the lives and culture of Mount Everest's Sherpa community, which united in grief and anger following the deadly 2014 avalanche that killed 16 of their members. Directed by Jennifer Peedom and featuring interviews with members of the Sherpa community and the climbers who were preparing to summit when the disaster struck, Sherpa chronicles an historic moment in which the Sherpas and their families consider the future of Everest climbing and whether anything can justify the dangers they face.




  • Sharpa (Easterners from ancient Tibet))

    By tentsewang
    No one gives credit to the sharpas who risked their life time and time again so the climber are safe and whose life are treated inferior over and over the generations to the foreign climbers. Thank you for making this documentary, all lives are precious hope they don't have to do all the dirty work for others to climb for living, instead revere the mountain and circumambulate it for the goddess Tsering chonga...
  • Excellent

    By Maude32252
    Two people couldn’t be more perfect for this movie than Phurba Tashi and Russell Brice… it hits the nail on the head of what the Sherpa people have had to endure for so long, an industry that provides them income for their families at a very high cost….they are special people, like firefighters, policemen, military pilots…the sherpa climbers risk their lives every day when they walk out of their homes to work expeditions for foreigners and rescue them when they get in trouble…. it seems some Sherpa enjoy the work, it is fulfilling and some of are willing to take the risks, but their families aren't…reminds me of my Dad who was a career Naval officer/aviator (40 years service) and he was gone for sometimes a year or more, flying missions and risking it all….we missed him so much but we were so proud of him and he loved to fly airplanes…so even tho there is a risk involved, it is what we sometimes have to do to provide for our families and if a person loves to do the work, the risk is something they push into the back of their minds in order to do what needs to be done…life is a risk when you walk out of your door every morning, I don’t know if any of us are exempt from that, but at least we know it won’t be an avalanche waiting for us when we get to work, these people are fighting against the elements to achieve other people’s goals, they should be paid 10 times of what they are getting.…what the Sherpa climbers need is better pay and hazard pay and the option not to do something risky if they don’t want to….some think just because they pay you, they own you…Russell Brice has never been like that or Phurba Tashi wouldn’t be working for him…Brice is a awesome man and Phurba is a perfect climbing guide….it looks like the great Everest expeditions will not last much longer….shame that, I always wanted to climb Everest and if I ever did, I would go with Russell Brice and Phurba Tashi!!!
  • Great & touching account

    By gwoolste
    This is a great film that shows the Sherpa side of climbing in Nepal and the great personal sacrifices they have made. It shows western climbing organisations and western climbers who at times act disgracefully. A must view for anyone who wants to understand the Sherpa role and loves Nepal and its people