A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story

By David Lowery

  • Genre: Romance
  • Release Date: 2017-07-07
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 32min
  • Director: David Lowery
  • Production Company: Sailor Bear
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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With A Ghost Story, acclaimed director David Lowery (Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, Pete’s Dragon) returns with a singular exploration of legacy, loss, and the essential human longing for meaning and connection. Recently deceased, a white-sheeted ghost(Academy Award-winner Casey Affleck) returns to his suburban home to console his bereft wife (Academy Award-nominee Rooney Mara), only to find that in his spectral state he has become unstuck in time, forced to watch passively as the life he knew and the woman he loves slowly slip away. Increasingly unmoored, the ghost embarks on a cosmic journey through memory and history, confronting life’s ineffable questions and the enormity of existence. An unforgettable meditation on love and grief, A Ghost Story emerges ecstatic and surreal—a wholly-unique experience that lingers long after the credits roll.




  • Love for Film

    By Ldawwwwwwwwg
    A fantastic film to learn what type of people to avoid. If you love this movie then congratulations, you are a good person who has impeccable taste in cinema. This film taught me that there is so much beauty in the silence. Not everything has to be action packed. There is so much happening in each scene. The tension on their faces. The hurt. You can just feel all of it. May be boring but it is so much more beautiful. Boring doesn’t have to be a negative thing.
  • Definitely wait for a sale on this film. It’s a real sleeper.

    By wcman316
    The first half of the film is about the wife going through the stages of grief. The last half of the film is the actual ghost story who he stays and haunts the house years after his death. It’s very much a silent film with lots of physical acting in a bed sheet. It wasn’t the best film I’ve seen but it was thought provoking. It questions who has lived and died within the history of your property.
  • Like watching paint dry

    By Ruru3711
    Saw this on a flight from Europe. Glad it was free. Waited an hour for something to happen.
  • So many are blind to the raw emotion

    By Wld8hrt*
    There is so much heartache here. And so many reviewers call it “boring” and “pointless”. One person even complains of watching someone eat a casserole. They aren’t even smart enough to realize it was a pie so no big surprise. There is love, loss, anger, confusion, evolution and human frailty on display here in a beautiful and, yes, haunting manner. I find it so sad that the so many humans have lost such touch with themselves and their humanity that they can’t see the humanity in this film. Our entertainment has been so dumbed down that anything challenging is met with ridicule and disdain. Don’t be afraid of your brain or your emotions.
  • You’re Kidding Me...

    By jimmy dean K
    Put both my wife and I to sleep within 30 minutes. No pets!

    By Oxomocchioxo
    Just don’t. Boring and no point.
  • Ignore the Negative Reviews

    By HwongSA
    This is a very interesting and ambitious film that includes a really beautiful score.
  • Can't back those 90 minutes.

    By nhatter
    The dramatically long scenes are not necessary to tell the story. Watching Roony Mara choke down that pie for AGES made me feel sorry for the actress which distracted me from empathizing with her character.
  • boring

    By lorettaacuna
    Could not even get htrough it, so boring, like the sheet, awful
  • overrated

    By jafarrdm
    really disappointed not knowing what written in the paper, this movie needed a great end. it hadn't