By Chloé Zhao

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2021-02-19
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 47min
  • Director: Chloé Zhao
  • Production Company: Cor Cordium Productions
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99
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Following the closure of a gypsum mine in the rural Nevada town she calls home, Fern (Frances McDormand) packs her van and sets off on the road. Exploring life outside conventional society as a modern-day nomad, Fern soon discovers a resilience and resourcefulness that present her with experiences unlike any she’s known before. Along the way in this story of hope, she meets other nomads who become mentors in her life amidst the vast, sometimes breathtaking landscape of the American West. From Searchlight Pictures and acclaimed director Chloé Zhao, NOMADLAND features real-life nomads Linda May, Swankie and Bob Wells. With care and insight, Zhao crafted the screenplay, based on Jessica Bruder’s book “Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century.” McDormand brings Fern to life with a powerful, authentic performance. Also starring David Strathairn in a gripping turn as a man Fern befriends, NOMADLAND is a fascinating celebration of humanity, independence and adventure.




  • 🥱

    By Jon21144
    Best picture lol 😂
  • K

    By in j Julyu Jim my
    I no u I ok l N it j’mmu I hug my I in my my Mykonos hi u I I j no n no uhh M ok though I j I
  • Simplistic Nonsense

    By Smiling Flash
    More “social justice” and socialism propaganda. People who give up their possessions and flounce around are happy, nice folks while the relatives who have money that they mouch off of are cynical, selfish people. No wonder such a boring, drifting movie won an Oscar. Watch it for free on Hulu.
  • Too slow

    By Titos4ever
    While I appreciated the poetry and introspection that this film had to offer, it never picked up for me. Unfortunately media hype today is more important than actual story.
  • Worst movie made in decades

    By benevolus again
    If you can’t sleep- watch this and your insomnia will be cured
  • My take on this movie was a bit unusual...

    By Spoorprint
    I first met Francis Mcdormand around my town, in the grocery store & walking around town. We always noticed each other, and eventually she invited me over to her boat for a visit. This was several years before this movie was created. I was shocked to see her photo in the media in reguards to the BFATA awards. I did not realize who she was, but I knew that I 'knew' her. I looked her up and found out she had been a actress with great acclaim years before I met her. I was quite surprised. it also made perfect sense. So I bought this movie because of that. I think it is easy for people to not connect with this movie, at first viewing - I liked it, sorta - like many viewers. Then came the nominations for the Academy Awards, I followed this, so I watched the movie again, this time with a critical eye. This movie is very unique, and can easily be under appriciated. It is a timely movie, to say the least. Also a wake up call for America. The humanism of the emotional content in this film is remarkedable. On second viewing, this movie was profound & authentic, which is why so many people worldwide resonate with this movie emotionaly, which is a good thing. The director, Chloe Zhad, and Frances McDormand deserve the awards this year, for the right message at the right time. It was the best picture because it landed at just the right moment to be appreciated for what it is.
  • Rocks...

    By CplDoyle
    It’s like two girls one cup, instead it’s one old hag and a bucket.
  • Nomadland

    By no name given up
    Just an awful waste of money!
  • Out of touch

    By Deobin
    Just goes to show how out of touch the academy is with America. My son said it best, and I quote, “poop sandwich”. He’s 8 and he nailed it. I’d go for a nice glossy latex to dry instead.
  • Into The Wild is much better

    By mrbabes
    Nomadland is a total ripoff