The Unbinding

The Unbinding

By Karl Pfeiffer

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2023-09-08
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 38min
  • Director: Karl Pfeiffer
  • Production Company: Planet Weird
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 8.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
From 4 Ratings


A viral tale on Reddit. A haunted artifact. An ancient entity. The team behind the award-winning documentary series Hellier now brings you the story of the Catskills Crone. After a strange statue is found by two hikers, chilling phenomena begin to manifest. As the activity escalates, Greg and Dana Newkirk are forced to uncover the truth, preserve the artifact, and unbind the entity inside.




  • so lame lol

    By folkfan227
    this could have been a 5 min web short haha
  • Intriguing the whole way through

    By Tonytone2222
    This is a DOCUMENTARY. People leaving poor reviews seem to treat like everyone is acting and it’s a made up story. The reason I deducted a star is because I listen to their Planet Weird podcast and they explain things as a skeptic would when it comes to the core of paranormal happenings. As a skeptic, they’re the closest I’ve become to believing in the paranormal. This documentary didn’t convince me, due to lack of physical evidence . Example being the Paracon conference incident. With such a crazy event happening, I expected interviews with witnesses or at least some video footage, since people I’m sure were filming everywhere. Either way— I finished the documentary and enjoyed it, but I was still not close to convinced what I witnessed was as deep as they wanted to believe.
  • Waste of time and money

    By LuxeBunny
    This is unnecessarily long, poorly done and simply awful. Too bad there’s not an option for a refund.
  • Blair Witch All Over Again

    By Rayvyn
    A more skillfully done version of the Blair Witch Project. By no means identical but the same vibe, the same feel. I regretted watching it more and more as it progressed and I'd suggest it will convince those who welcome supernatural possibilities and will annoy those who are skeptical. I don't think it will sway anyone who isn't already convinced, one way or the other.
  • 🫠

    By Jughea
    Voodoo is melting.F him
  • Wait for this to show up on lifetime

    By Ridrek
  • Blah

    By Sarahchrls00
    Poor acting
  • Beautiful, Haunting, Really Good Story and Message

    By Isabel J
    This movie is incredibly beautiful thanks to the work of Karl Pfeiffer, and it actually has a story to it. It's a serious movie that will make you think about the kinds of media that big corporations want us to consume. This movie is different. I can't say enough about the message, the way the Newkirks treat the subject of the paranormal, ghosts, witches, and so much more. I hope this will change the way people see the paranormal. It's high time we choose curiosity over fear and kindness over calling everything a demon and screaming at it. This is such good quality film-making. You won't be sorry you watched it, but it definitely deserves more than one viewing.
  • Worth a watch

    By Tehborkzened
    Enjoyed this very much, great story & production values.
  • Wow, just wow!

    By music:]
    Just do yourself a favor and give it a watch - it just might shake your belief in the paranormal! The filmmaking is beautiful, the story is incredible, and you can truly feel the heart and respect from everyone involved. 10/10!