The Wicker Man  [2006]

The Wicker Man [2006]

By Neil LaBute

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2006-09-01
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 41min
  • Director: Neil LaBute
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


Out patrolling a California highway, police officer Edward Malus (Nicolas Cage) stops a station wagon to return a little girl's lost doll. Moments later, a runaway truck slams into the station wagon, igniting it into a fiery wreck with the mother and child trapped inside. Edward fails to save them before the car explodes...and then spends months of his life choking down pills to get the image of their faces out of his head. But Edward is about to get a second chance. A desperate letter from his former girlfriend, Willow (Kate Beahan), arrives at his home with no postmark. Willow came into his life and left just as unexpectedly years before. But now, her daughter Rowan has gone missing, and Edward is the only person she trusts to help locate her. She asks him to come to her home on a private island - Summers isle - a place with its own traditions where people observe a forgotten way of life.




    By animalluver72
    Killing me won't bring back your goddam honey!!!
  • Absolute Trash

    By DewieJr
    I wouldnt watch this movie again unless I was held at gunpoint...its terrible in everyway! I have put it in my top 3 worst movies i have ever seen!
  • Most aweful movie I ever wasted my time on, unbelievable!

    By IOIOlOIOI I'm insulted. this movie makes Seven Years in Tibet (which felt more like seven years in the movie theater) look like Braveheart. I spit on this film!

    By Joan Larkin
    The only reason I still own it is because it's dedicated to Johnny Ramone
  • This is MURDER!!! MURDER!!!!!!!!

    By The Tas
    You'll all be guilty! & you're doing it for nothing!!!!! Mocking this movie won't bring back your GOD DAMN HONEY!!!!!!
  • AWFUL!!

    By Lukeaug9
    I saw this with a friend when it was in theaters and it was so awful we still make fun if it nearly 4 years later.
  • Nicolas Cage has transcended stupidity

    By punk trunk monkey
    At first I thought that Cage was a bad actor in bad movies. This used to be a good example. But now I realize he's not trying to be serious; Nicolas Cage is a method comedian. Since figuring this out, he's suddenly one of the greatest actors of all time (I am not, however talking about the Nicolas Cage in National Treasure) because he's a junkie. And for those of you who are naysayers, I have a rebuttal: MY HAIR IS A BIRD YOUR ARGUEMENT IS INVALID This is not a good movie in any way unless you look at Cage as a thirty-six piece of comedic awesome. Once you do, you will laugh your a*s off. Thank you for your time.
  • not worth seeing

    By rockingrory
    when watching the movie i thought it was a decent plot, but the ending was maybe the worst ending ever. I dont understand how a director could end a movie like this it was awful. if you really want to see this movie do what i did and bum of a friend how rented or owns this movie because its not worth the money
  • This movie needs to be sacrificed

    By Nagneto
  • Look On The Bright Side

    By BigDaveandtheCrazyEyes
    I watched this movie as if it were and comedy and didn't take it seriously from the start. If you approch The Wickerman this why it is a pretty decend comedy.