Bird By Bird With Annie

Bird By Bird With Annie

By Freida Lee Mock

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2009-04-28
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 0h 53min
  • Director: Freida Lee Mock
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


Perhaps best known for her widely celebrated book on writing, Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott is one of the rare artists who can teach us not only how to write, but how to live. From Academy Award-winning filmmaker Freida Lee Mock (Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision), "Bird By Bird With Annie" offers an intimate portrait of the writer and her craft, interweaving the story of Lamott's life in itself a deeply moving tale of addiction and redemption, grief and joy, intellect and faith with a year's worth of interviews, public lectures, and readings, and footage of the writer at work, focusing particularly on Lamott's candid, humorous, and disarmingly straightforward advice on the struggles and joys of writing. In the end, the author's genuine reassurance and guidance concerning the actual process of writing which has little resemblance to its glorified image becomes a stirring call to action that celebrates the potential of each individual, the silencing of our inner critics, and the courage to create something honest, meaningful, and real. Poignant and inspirational, "Bird By Bird With Annie" takes us deep into Anne Lamott's intoxicatingly brave world, one in which writing is a means of finding out who we are, how we live, and why we're here.