Alexander Revisited  [Unrated]

Alexander Revisited [Unrated]

By Oliver Stone

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2010-12-01
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 3h 33min
  • Director: Oliver Stone
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99


A completely unrated version of Oliver Stone's incredible epic film, loaded with nearly 40 minutes of additional never-before-seen footage, that takes the film to a new level of realism and intensity!




  • Nearly unwatchable

    By curiouthecat
    Originally saw this in the cinema when it was released. Didn’t think much of it then, but saw it listed in the $4.99 iTunes bargain bin and figured I’d give it a second chance. Even spread over two nights, I can’t begin to estimate the number of times I checked minutes remaining. Never has a progress bar moved more glacially and painfully. Think: ‘Caligula’ meets ‘Troy’. If you want to watch silly over the top miscast actors in period garb try ‘The Great Wall’. Brad Pitt may have been able to pull this off, but Colin Ferrell in a miniskirt with tousled blonde hair (a wig?) and too much mascara? Not. I kept flashing on Tony Curtis in ‘Spartacus’. Not worth the bandwidth/disk space to download it (the first time I’ve felt that way about an iTunes purchase - 185+ films). If Apple ever gets out of the streaming business maybe I’ll be able to forget this mistake forever.
  • Awesome

    By MrJ2423
    Great movie, I enjoy historic figures, real historic based movies and this is a great one. A bit slow for some folks but definitely worth a watch and if you enjoy historic figure movies a definite buy.
  • The Hair

    By TelsaRowe11
    Imagine if Obama was missing a front tooth and you’ll understand why Colin’s hair in this film and the Irish accent are so deadly. Even thag could have been overlooked. It has the money, talent and ambition, but lacks the cornerstone of all good films: writing.
  • Okay

    By TerranSunn
    They should have left his sexuality out of the story. Way too much focus on his sexuality when no one even knows historically if he was gay/bi. They also make Alexander seem deranged at the end of his conquest. Still a good story.
  • Best Version of a Would Be Great Movie

    By Billy DTK421
    Thanks iTunes for posting!!! What potential to tell the story of one of humanity's most intriguing individuals. But, Oliver Stone blew it, and Robin Lane Fox (historical advisor) should have served him better. That said, there are portions of the movie that are exceptional (the Guagemela battle scene is by and large one of the most comprehensive battle scenes ever depicted in any movie... the narration and insight by Ptolemy... conflict between Alexander and his inner circle... death of Cleitus). And this version best depicts it. As for how "great" the real Alexander was, Colin Farrell's depiction falls absolutely flat. The Alexander he depicted is an epically confused, emotionally fragile, and uninspiring leader. They should have done better.
  • First review I’ve written

    By Alexande992
    Besides the Irish accents and historical inaccuracies. It’s very watchable, and even entertaining .
  • A Historical Epic

    By Chris the historical movie man
    Unfortunately for those without a love for history or those with short attention spans..this isn't a film for you. BUT if you like movies that can take you into another world or period of time this is for you. It's the most underrated movie of Stone's career and it unfairly bashed by critics.
  • Great Historical Movie, Under-appreciated by Traditional US Movie Audience

    By Turkoman
    First, if your question is which version of the movie to get, the Alexander Revisited version certainly is the better version. Not only does it have some significant extra footage that is not the typical 3 minute fare (this has nearly an hour of additional footage), the entire sequencing of this version makes it much better in terms of timing of events as well as proper flashbacks compared to the theatrical version. As of this writing, iTunes does not offer the HD version of Alexander Revisited so for those who want HD, you only have the theatrical version to get on iTunes. I hope Apple makes this version available on HD soon. Now, in terms of the movie, this movie has been one of the most under appreciated movies in US history. Traditionally, in the US, Greek culture of this era is glamorized and romanticized disproportionately compared to actual tenure and accomplishment in true history. That said, it is historically very important to understand the accomplishments of one man in Macedonian history who was able to squeeze an epic amount of success into such a short lifespan. This movie does provide a historically accurate account of events surrounding the life of Alexander the Great. It also depicts historically accurate accounts of this young man being a mortal human being, with significant character weaknesses, childhood issues and human vices, just like most human beings. Ultimately, those character flaws and weaknesses lead him to alienate his close friends and allies and likely leading to his tragic death and subsequent destruction of his family by the rarely talked about glamorous Greek image that traditional American audiences have a better chance at appreciating in the mythical (or extremely exaggerated) events such as 300 or not so far from it, Clash of the Titans. Alexander, as depicted by Oliver Stone is a model for how we should approach historical events; balanced and realistic, not in a god-like transformed versions of historical events, appropriate for 8 year old children, 2000 years ago. Alexander is a movie that captures the man, who was great, and god-like in his time, as well as the man, who had his weaknesses and issues like all human beings. Collin Farrell does a remarkable job at balancing this and the supporting cast does a great job in acting. The flow between current events and flashbacks, as well as some perhaps difficult to accept parts such as a man with historically difficult, if not impossible to accomplish feats in history being homosexual at heart may be too hard for traditional audiences who are looking for a beginning, the middle and the epic fight at the end, more to the tunes of Spiderman or Batman. For those who are seeking to find out more, and can live with history and the man who was Alexander, who was Great and who was a rare visionary unlike most in this world, and who also happened to be gay at heart with significant family issues, this movie will not disappoint. History, nor any man is ever perfect and depicting that may not be as readily palatable for some as it is Spiderman.
  • Alexander the great

    By Godat-E
    I've seen all versions by Stone- true, the movie needs some tightening and editing. BUT I take it as semi documentary and in contextual history. Anthony Hopkins as Ptolemy with narration helps keep the idea of of what Alexander was always trying to do- World domination, period. The movie does a fairly good job on the historical aspects. Good sound track