Tim's Vermeer

Tim's Vermeer

By Teller

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2014-01-31
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 19min
  • Director: Teller
  • Production Company: High Delft Pictures
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 116 Ratings


Tim's Vermeer, directed by Teller of Penn & Teller fame. Produced by Teller's stage partner Penn Jillette and Farley Ziegler, the film follows Tim Jenison, a Texas based inventor, as he attempts to solve one of the greatest mysteries in all of art: How did 17th century Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer ('Girl with a Pearl Earring') manage to paint so photo-realistically, 150 years before the invention of photography? Jenison's epic research project ultimately succeeds as he uses 17th century technology -- lenses and mirrors -- to develop a technique that might have been used by Vermeer, supporting a theory as extraordinary as what he discovers. Spanning a decade, Jenison's adventure takes him to Delft, Holland, where Vermeer painted his masterpieces; on a pilgrimage to the North coast of Yorkshire to meet artist David Hockney; and eventually even to Buckingham Palace, to see the Queen's Vermeer.




  • Wonderful documentary

    By oddjob54321
    My wife and I enjoyed the attention to detail. I highly recommend
  • Mystery solved

    By Oli and Jacq
    I've recommended this documentary to many people as a story of, first of all, a revelation about VerMeer, and second a testament to human ingenuity and determination. Thoroughly fascinating like a lecture from your best professor was. Uplifting!

    By nosduh
    Absolutely a joy to watch. In a world of short attention spans to see someone follow a idea through over multiple years is amazing.
  • Disappointing

    By sstofflet
    Rented as a special promotion for 99cents - wouldn't playback. Called Apple support: very helpful in refunding the cost and issued a couple of credits - but now you can't rent it. Disappointing experience - and it just seems odd...
  • Wow!!!

    By Spanno611
    This guy is incredible! Great job Tim, Penn, and Teller!
  • Facinating movie

    By GetNate
    Very neat documentary. I highly recommend.
  • Do not miss this!

    By DanCurranJr
    Absolutley fantastic movie!
  • Inspired By Tim's Passion.

    By Product Reviewer. Me
    I like to watch documentaries and when I was searching for a movie to watch I took note of this documentary's high rating placement on ITunes. I am glad I watched this movie but I wouldn't suggest this documentary to friends. I found this documentary to be interesting but a bit dry. However, I would like to write Bravo, Bravo, Bravo to Tim for pursuing his passion and quest. I truly admire him.
  • Excellent Documentary Education Film

    By BestRater
    Wiah there were more movies like this that actually inform people rather than deceive. Tim’s premise is that no one would ever have the ability to paint the way Vermeer and although I disagree with his premise; I think Tim, and Pen have done a great job proving that there are alternative methods to accomplish the same thing using our intellect and new or old re-invention. I do believe that there are special people that just have a lot more talent than the average person at certain tasks. One of those is being able to artistically interpret reality in a way that makes sense to them. Vermeers interpretation just happens to be more precise than anyone in history. I also believe that the artistry of being able to paint is a dying art form in our present digital age. It would be a shame to lose this very physical form of artistic expression.
  • Love it.

    By giffwings55
    Great movie. Thank you Tim for all the long hours.