A Million Ways to Die In the West

A Million Ways to Die In the West

By Seth MacFarlane

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2014-05-30
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 2h 14min
  • Director: Seth MacFarlane
  • Production Company: RGB Media
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
From 3,070 Ratings


This hilarious UNRATED comedy from Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and Ted, is filled with witty one-liners and an all-star cast. When Albert (MacFarlane) loses his girlfriend (Amanda Seyfried) to his moustached nemesis (Neil Patrick Harris), a mysterious and beautiful woman (Charlize Theron) rides into town and turns his luck around. But when her notorious outlaw husband (Liam Neeson) arrives seeking revenge, Albert must put his newfound courage to the test. Also starring the outrageous Giovanni Ribisi and Sarah Silverman. Critics say, “So hysterical, you’ll die laughing!” (-Mara Reinstein, US WEEKLY)




  • Should have been half as long

    By Jkleco
    I love Seth McFarland and the first hour was funny, interesting, and very Family Guy like, but then it lost its way on irrelevant track. Should have wrapped it up much earlier.
  • You'll either love it or hate it.

    By Abundant Grace
    Farce doesn't appeal to many people, nor does an abundance of crude humor. To me this movie was funnier than Blazing Saddles, and a hilarious take on life in the old west. The chemistry between Seth and Charlize was really good and I had to watch it again to catch some of the one-liners. The rest of the cast were perfect in their roles and each were given some really funny scenes. If the trailers get a guffaw out of you than you will probably enjoy the rest. Ignore the critics.
  • Jacob

    By suebsmiles
    They was a tv show It was on Disney Chanel
  • Ted

    By Black breather
    Unrated 100% A lot better Rated 100%
  • Better than its reputation

    By Fletch F. Fletch
    Let’s get the what’s wrong with it out of the way: the running time could have really used some trimming. It shifts tones pretty radically from good natured, to darkly funny to outright grim and vicious resulting in an uneven finished product. Once again MacFarlane has serviced his ego by casting himself as the lead and making him the object of Charlize Theron’s affections with dialogue pointing out how “special” he is inside. Perhaps casting another actor in the lead would have seemed less vain. Bill Maher’s appearance is remarkably unfunny. All that being said, there are real laughs to be had here. Some of the brutally dark humor is really inspired. Maher’s cameo was terrible but there are two other cameos that succeed where he failed and are very amusing. Some of the gross out jokes land like a thud but some will probably elicit hysterical laughter from fans of MacFarlane’s tv work. Theron is charming and funny. Harris is always good and he really commits to one of the gross out jokes that actually works. It’s a juvenile moment of course, but it’s really funny and Harris pulls it off. There’s also a good song and dance number. This one bombed at the theaters, but you might want to at least give it a rental. It’s hard to imagine you won’t find at least a few big laughs.
  • What's the Deal

    By PriceofPayne
    I don't know what people think is so bad, I mean of course it's his type of comedy which can go far at times which I don't like. But for a Seth Macfarlene parody western its very comedic, funny, and the cast is wonderful.
  • Stupid Movie

    By Octavian14
    Save yourself the time and money. This movie couldn't be funny even if it actually had a funny person acting in it.
  • Why can't we rent?

    By Nexus pain
    Why doesn't Apple let us rent movies with negative reviews to try and let us make up our own minds? I haven't even seen this movie, nor will I if I can only buy it for 15$. But hopefully this 1 star rating saves someone else their money.
  • They should pay you to watch it

    By JGG_GG
    Worst $5 I ever spent
  • Best ever

    By Kasskid
    Best movie ever made