God's Not Dead

God's Not Dead

By Harold Cronk

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2014-03-21
  • Advisory Rating: PG
  • Runtime: 1h 53min
  • Director: Harold Cronk
  • Production Company: Pure Flix Entertainment
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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When atheist philosophy professor (Kevin Sorbo) plans to forego "dusty arguments" in his class, he insists the new students declare that "God Is Dead." Unable to do this, Josh (Shane Harper) is challenged to defend his faith and prove to the class that God is NOT Dead. With everything on the line, Josh's faith is unwavering…and life-changing to those around him.




  • God save me from your followers

    By Toyo Panzoff
    You’re all so certain you’re right, that yours is the one true god. Take a moment and examine the logic behind that.
  • Geared toward believers (duh) but that's ok

    By TysonDTLA
    I'm a non-believer and a fan of the Darwinian Biologist, Richard Dawkins (whose views get criticized in this film), and I still found this film enjoyable. If you're a Christian I think you'll really like this film. While the movie is at times a little corny, ham-fisted, and melodramatic, it is at other times moving, sincere and heartfelt. I found myself getting emotional at points during it. My biggest gripe would be the Muslim converting to Christianity storyline that’s so half-baked I’m not sure why they included it. It’s a detour that doesn’t relate to the main theme of the movie. Also, the movie does caricature the atheist perspective, much the way mainstream movies caricature the religious perspective. Perhaps movies like this serve as a counterbalance and probably reflects the way many religious people feel attacked by our current culture. I felt my point of view handled unfairly in this film. Atheists are not all mean, arrogant, pretentious intellectuals. Ultimately this film is about how we derive meaning from a life that includes suffering and while I may not agree with the films conclusions, I think the question of meaning is a worthwhile and rarely covered theme in today’s films.
  • Strawman: The Movie

    By ZeppoFosterKane
    This movie is so bad... You know, There’s a reason why “liberal Hollywood”— IS liberal Hollywood: they make great films from great stories. People forget that liberal Hollywood— is great at making movies and humanizing characters that we normally wouldn’t be able to connect with. It’s their specialty. And not always just strapping stereotypes in that really don’t exist quite like they think— and then pandering to “their audience.” Because a film like “God’s Not Dead” is a solid start at understanding why Christianity is not going anywhere while at the same time rapidly losing interest. It’s not really about what and who people are... it has a different agenda. A vast majority of the time, at the very top of liberal Hollywood’s agenda: make a good movie with some kind of a “message or moral” that’s profitable (it’s a balancing act). The God’s Not Dead agenda: 1) pander to Christians that enjoy being pandered to 2) Make a size-able profit 3) Make a “releasable” movie.
  • How can it get worse

    By FearCake
    The bad acting, pseudo arguments (that were never really argued) were bad enough. The worst parts were the racist, xenophobic and victim creation that was nearly laughable. Anyone who doesn’t believe in this movie is pretty horrible. It made me sick when they portrayed a Muslim person “throwing out their own” because they don’t believe. Pure hypocrisy when Christians do the very same thing to many of their children that question the treatment of non Christians or LGBTQ individuals. Propaganda film. Pure and simple. And not in a good way. This is stated Someone who does believe.
  • anonymous

    By unknown 1218
    I really enjoyed this movie! I am a Christ loving teen and I firmly believe. I would say that I don’t understand why the atheists are responding like that to this movie but I do. I know that Christ is the best choice but they do not and instead of telling them that they need to stop commenting negatively just because they don’t believe in the same things maybe as Christians we should show them love and sometimes not respond to their reviews at all. :) God says to love our enemies. Remember that Christians. ;)

    By lucia cia
    This is my favorite movie from the trilogy so far. ✝️❤️
  • A Light In These Dark Times

    By SeattleMoose
    Christianity is under attack on all fronts today. And Hollywood is controlled by Satanists. That is why a movie like this is so important. We ALL need to stand up to the Atheistic/Nihilistic zombies and declare our love for God and Jesus. The is a GREAT film. The story, acting, and the message are top notch. Highly recommended!!!

    By Alden Solo
    I still remember seeing this movie in theaters with my youth group. It really moved me unlike any film I’ve seen... except maybe The Force Awakens. Granted, it’s not a perfect movie. The writing and acting isn’t the best (but then again, what movie today is? That ISN’T a Star Wars or Marvel?), but they try. I thought there were too many plot lines interwoven throughout this film, and it made it just a little difficult to follow for a while. But all in all, it’s definitely the best Christian film I’ve seen.
  • Thought provoking & part of what inspired me to become a Christian

    By Emmi-bird55
    This movie is about college student Josh Wheaton, a devout Christian who goes head to head with his philosophy professor, who calls himself an atheist and tries to convince his students to declare that “god is dead” so they don’t have to argue about religion in class. Josh can’t bring himself to do it, and is tasked with convincing the class of the existence of god. Very few people support josh and it seems like a lot is against him, but he persists and his faith remains strong, and his strength actually motivates others to question their beliefs and inspires others to speak out, like Aisha, a girl who professes her conversion to Christianity despite her Muslim family disowning her for it. Another student struggles with his family not accepting his faith due to fears of their government retaliating against the family (he’s an international student). The movies not necessarily for everyone but I liked that in the debates they quote actual sources, so if you watch with subtitles you can actually take note and look up things for yourself which I did. I’m not gonna say a movie made me a Christian because that’s not completely true. What I meant in the title is that the questions raised made me really think and I felt like I just had to start reading the Bible. I’d been having some thoughts about this for a while but actually looking up these sources such as the idea about the Big Bang theory, Stephen hawking, etc. was kind of the big push that brought me a lot closer to god. I talked with a good friend of mine, also a Christian, and he helped me work through a lot of this. While the movie does have some cheesy moments and I will agree not all atheists are exactly like the professor or that reporter, that’s not really the point. The point of this movie is about when your faith is tested and you have these hard questions and what your faith can do for you and others during tough times. Overall loved this and look forward to seeing the next two in the series.
  • This film is myopic and racist

    By Ice Block Films
    In an effort to take a stand against a closed-minded approach to religion, the filmmakers have made a film that is mind-bogglingly closed-minded. It's reductive and uninformed about how atheists and agnostics think. The entire film is best summarized in the scene where a christian missionary is standing over the corpse of an atheist who had just been killed by a car and says "A great thing happened here today." So... yeah... way to win over folks who were considering christianity but still undecided, dingbats. As for the racism stuff... hey! Why spoil it? Just watch the film for yourself and see Asians, Africans and Middle-Easterners reduced to paste-simple stereotypes.