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  • Ads are unacceptable

    By meronius
    I completely agree with the other reviewer. We are PAYING for this content, why should we have to wade through ads for FOX? Totally rude. It's unfortunate that I have to give this wonderful show on star, but I'm giving it to FOX. The show is worth 4.5 stars and maybe 5. No other show I download has ad trailers (Broadchurch, Dark Matter) and then post-credit crap. It is so lovely to start Broadchurch and be immediately immersed in the vibe of the show.
  • 20% of every $3 episode downloaded is ADS!

    By 700 Pages
    Why (especially at $3 per 20 minute episode) do we have to have ADS as part of the download? Ads for other Fox shows are STILL ADS, and THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! OBNOXIOUS RIP OFF!!!
  • My favorite!

    By peytonharbin
    I have seriously been watching this show since it first aired and it was and still is my favorite. It is funny and you can jump in any of the episodes and not get lost, for instance if you were watcing and a friend wanted to watch, it would still be funny for them! Love the show!
  • Amazing

    By n.iii.m.a
    Fantastic TV Show. I would recommend this to eveyone who wants to laugh and be happy.
  • 6 Stars

    By FPC123321
    Amazing Show
  • Love the show!

    By Ddubberly
    Love the show!