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  • Again... and incredible season!

    By Y.S.7 :)
    This is a great continuation from Season 8! The two spilt up stories work well! And the character development is amazing! They really make you feel and relate to the characters. Yes it’s a LEGO show... but trust me... this show is something special. This season is mature and intense, some scenes are shocking. If you are a fan that left because of the design change... YOU. ARE. MISSING. OUT! They didn’t ruin the show! The only thing that changed was the looks! The story and theme of the show feels and is the same as before! And it’s not like the movie AT ALL apart from the design change. Just... give it a chance. You wouldn’t be confused about all the things if you would of stuck with the show also.
  • Ninjago Shoutouts part 2

    By i m awsum
    Ok season 9 is so super awesome and I rewatch it all the time. Spoiler alert: there’s at least one plot twist in the first realm and in Ninjago City. So in the first realm, Wu and the original ninja are caught by Heavy Metal, who is actually a young woman named Faith. Faith helps Wu and the ninja find the Dragon Armor in order to be able to return to Ninjago Back in the city, Lloyd, Nya, and their friends attempt to control the Colossus using Lord Garmadon’s power, which was absorbed by Skylor. In the midst of the battle, Harumi tries to find shelter in an apartment building. She sees a family of three—a man, a woman, and a kid. The kid’s parents are trying to convince the people on the elevator to let the kid come on. The kid doesn’t want to be separated from the parents, so Harumi gets the family to safety, ends up getting trapped herself. She goes to the rooftop.... AND THE LAST THING SHE SEES IS LLOYD STARING BACK AT HER. THEIR EYES MEET FOR A SINGLE MOMENT..... AND THEN THE BUILDING COLLAPSES AND SHE DIES. It’s sad but at least she died doing a good deed.
  • This is awesome

    By RunningNaimad
    This season is good. Now, March of the Oni came out on 4/21. I hope the season pass for this doesn’t take as long as the season pass for Sons of Garmadon. I had to wait months for that pass to be available. I hope March of the Oni comes out here really soon.

    By Emia2010
    I personally love the new animation way more than the past seasons, the show is always evolving like its audience who are also growing in size. The comedy has gotten less naive and has matured, much better dialogue and story arch. So excited for the next seasons and specials!
  • Best show I’ve WATCHED 🤩

    By Sebby271
    So I started watching this show because my friend suggested I watch it. The first time I started watching it was Feb 24. At first it looked good but I didn’t think I would be watching more then, I watched a little more, I got to S1 E15 “The Day of The Great Devourer” and I got so into the TV show! Currently today I just finished watching it! I loved watching it so much I finished it in basically a month! The only thing I dont like about the show is the fact they mostly have 10 episodes in a season! So what I’m basically saying is that it’s so GOOOOODDDDD 🤪🤩😍
  • Make a 100 episode special

    By ninja87698
    Great job guys you’ve been working on this for a lot of yrs y not make a 100episode special n season 10😛😛😛
  • Which one would you rather...

    By the obsever.
    I personally I think that the old-fashioned type of Lego Ninjago is way better But really for all of you out there who are reading this review I think you should write your own thoughts I love Ninjago but even though I like the older version I Can only share my thoughts and encourage you to write yours .
  • Epic!

    By Joe Bro 😎
    This season is awesome and I love the final Lord Garmadon Vs Lloyd duel! One of the best fights in ninjago history (besides the prison fight from season 8 or the final battle of season 2)! I can’t wait for season 10! There’s already trailer and it looks really good! Anyways, definitely get this! It’s amazing!
  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Russ El
  • Best season yet

    By Fantom Ninja
    This season is perfect. I like how they spit the ninja up for most of the season. And the final battle of Lloyd and Garmadon was incredible. This season is just what Ninjago needed. The soundtrack sounds perfect on 5.1 surround sound and is amazing on the big screen! It is, by far, one of the most incredible Ninjago seasons LEGO has come out with! NINJA GO!!!!