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    By NinjagoWolfMaster16
    Creators. Please. Hurry. Up. We’re up to thirteen seasons now and you have only uploaded ten. Seriously?! Aside from this, a great season. Short but to the point. Lloyd is my personal favorite character and I love him to bits (don’t even think about it, not in a weird way) but I do think he could step out of the spotlight a bit. I do think it makes sense for him to have a part in this season because of his ancestral trace of Oni, but in some other seasons, like season four, he didn’t really need to be the last one standing and do the big fight with Chen. And in season 11, I doubt it was a coincidence for him to go off alone to find Zane and get another big part. Personally I like this attention to him but other people don’t, so please fix this. In any case, good season. Smart way to bring back the golden weapons. But when they’re running through the prison in Cryptarium, why are all the artifacts serpentine staffs? And what happened to the golden weapons in season 11? But overall, good season. This is my childhood show, and it’s taught me perseverance, mercy, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. I’ve been watching since I was two. Keep it up, (AND PS PEOPLE WHY DOES GREENFLAME EXIST?!?!?!?! BOTH KAI AND LLOYD ARE MALES!!! THIS IS JUST BLEH!!! MALES DO NOT MARRY MALES AND FEMALES DO NOT MARRY FEMALES!!! STOP THIS BLECKISH BEHAVIOR!! That doesn’t go for you creators, just for the people on YouTube and such that “ship” Kai and Lloyd).
  • We need season 11

    By lilcrackhead564
    Please season 11 came out almost 12 or I tink it already came out wee neeed it especially in Netflix I rewatch ninjago every day my sister also ask me when is the next season c Gonna come c’mon creators please
  • Awesome ninjago

    By Edawg love ninjago
  • A pretty great conclusion to the Masters of Spinjitzu!

    By Y.S.7 :)
    Wow. Just... shocked. Probably the most intense season of Ninjago. The music... the animation... the story.... the character development... the action... the feels. Even though I think the ending could’ve been done better if it was a longer season... it wasn’t horrible, and if you have been watching the show for a while... you’ll get feels. At least watch seasons 8-9 first tho, since they connect to this season pretty strongly.
  • MORE

    By UknownBlastoff23
    Make more episodes!
  • We want season 10 on Netflix

    By Number one Ninjago fan
    We beg you to put on season 10 on Netflix please I will die and turn into a oni and a dragonSo please put seasoning on Netflix we need it we beg you please I do anything I’ll pay you $200 just please put Cesar turn on Netflix I will die I will die and told you guys I will hunt you actors until you put on season 10 please I am a famous YouTube or please I will give you all the money I have just please put these season 10 on Netflix
  • Really?!

    By CoolDude1027
    Was a great show until there was anime in season 11. I mean really guys?
  • Hello...

    By ESTHERfaithLOVESit
    Yeah yeah... this season is great... I actually REALLY LOVED IT TO BE HONEST but my question is: WHERE THE HECK IS SEASON 11 ITUNES!?!? IT CAME OUT FOREVER AGO!!! CMON, SEASON 12 IS COMIN IN A FEW WEEKS!!! Thank you and please join the ninjago fandom like me.
  • Ninjago Shoutouts part 3

    By i m awsum
    Omg 😱 this is one of the most dramatic seasons ever. (I mean, Cole almost DIED people!) But my question is: What happened to Lord Garmadon at the end of the last episode when he walked away from the monastery? I guess we’ll never know. *just edited*
  • One of The Best Seasons

    By imjustaguywhoplaysroblox
    The intro was pretty cool recapping all the events that occurred in the past.Clever way to bring back the golden weapons.Dont want to spoil anything for other people reading but it had me at the edge of my seat.