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  • These classics should be FREE!

    By romanumeralz
    These are already under public domain and are only being spiffed up with a pretty label and updated in HD. This should be a free service, as shady Apple will eventually change the metadata and a title like this will no longer register under your purchase history; so Apple can keep leeching off of your funds. Sick of this shady tactic and I’m going to be let it known more because they do this WAY too much! To where it’s like its part of their business model. Even when you own the same title and there was an updated version in HD; you’d still be charged for the update. These companies are penny pinchers and do not care about human customers. This is also why the term, ‘customer’ was replaced with ‘consumer’. There are other outlets for entertainment to be sure…best lesson however; tangible goods over digital. Digital is a scam. Only will stop when people wise up and start deciding with their wallets.