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  • I like it

    By Katrinaaweew
    It is amazing
  • Black & White Episodes Ruined

    By Drummer & Fan
    The bad colorizing takes away from the original B&W quality. There's a difference between actual color programs, and black & white episodes with weird colors slopped on top. Purchase original B&W DVD's if you can still find them.
  • Nerd

    By Fyasko1
    Decent humor but unappealing plot

    By Thirdeyenine
    I grew up on Bewitched and love the show back when it was in B&W, but I love it even more in color. To those who don't, just turn your color way down/off in your TV. Now as for computers, I would think there would be away. Peace, life's too short. Later.
  • Just set your display to Black and White :-/

    By RJBNYC76
    I'm on the fence about watching these first seasons in color. There's a charm about them in black and white. The reality of it is, that it cost the studio 10,000 more per episode to film in color. I'm sure they would have put them out in color to begin with had this not been the case. We love them in BW because of nostalgia. But, on most any TV, Computer Screen and even your iPad and iPhone you can put the display in greyscale mode and enjoy it EITHER way. When you're bored with it in BW, watch it in color, vice versa. You CAN have it BOTH ways people.
  • Original Black & White please!

    By RLR718
    Please give the option of black and white or colorized! Granted if you can turn the color off on your tv but really there should be the option for customers.
  • Funny and charming!

    By LittleBunny007Mia
    Just loving watch this cute serie again !
  • Black & white version

    By Thomas903
    Buy the color episodes, then go to the settings menu on your television and turn down the color setting to zero (0).
  • Amazing

    By Koe~Koe
    Love this show and it's just as good in color (even better). :-)
  • THE BEST TV SHOW OF THE 60's !!!

    By Djstone3
    This first season is a treat colorized....nice and clear & brings back all those happy childhood memories watching the show! PLEASE put them in their proper order as they aired!!! That has to happen!!! My 5 star rating is for the show itself!!