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  • Finally in HD!

    By John the artist
    We're up to S2 in 1080p HD, let's get the other 3 seasons in HD please!!!
  • Strange Price

    By HorryGuy
    Just curious... why is season 2 priced at $19.99? All the other seasons with the exception of season 1, which is $9.99, are $13.99? They all have the same amount of episodes. Why the difference with season 2? This must be an oversight by iTunes. Please correct, iTunes.

    By sftts
    Why’s the thriller that so short come onπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
  • Nothing better

    By peepquack
    This show is awesome. No doubt about it. It's funny, original, and the characters are actually pretty likable. The only complaint I have is about Teen Titans Go. They just totally smothered this into tiny pieces.
  • AWS0ME!

    By Phoenix Wright.
    I love Teen Titans.The originals were waayyy better then whatever the hell Teen Titans GO! Is...
  • Heads up!

    By Mgm3333
    iTunes FINALLY got all five seasons, so you don't have to worry about the replies that say "not all seasons are there"
  • I love this show.

    I havent seen teen titans in forever. Its great to be able to watch them again. And i totally didnt know bout the last season. So that was kool. I loved this show and still do. In computer graphics i draw the charachters all the time. (Mostly raven) Im 14 so im not tryin to be too giddy about it. Just lettin people out there know they still got fans. Best cartoon series ive seen. Regular show is a close second though. Itd be cool if they got rid of teen titans go and brought back the originals. Mabey have it on adult swim or cartoon network, cuz i do realize its not exactly what parents want young kids to watch. Anyways. Thought id write this cuz tere hasnt been a review written since 2008 aparently. Lol. If anyone in the casting of teen titans manages to read this, thnx bros. great show. Hope you can bring it back. Regards- Souls
  • Love this show!!

    By Aly1089
    I LOVE this show! I'm soo happy it's on here because they don't put it on tv anymore. I just wish they could put the other seasons because it feels incomplete.
  • Sweet

    By Oswin <3 piano guys
    Teen Titans rocks! Always has... β™₯ ❀
  • Ah!

    By Dusty1997
    I absolutely LOVE Teen Titans! This show is one of the best cartoons I ever knew and when it went off TV, I could've died. Now I can have it on my iPod! :3