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  • Won't let me watch

    By Efgdjhfcgu
    For some reason it won't let me download the video I'm worried I just wasted a dollar for nothing! Please fix this bug, whoever deals with this!
  • Awesome

    By Logan Harris
    I just want my WonderBat.😂
  • A baseline that all other superhero cartoons should be compared to.

    By Toastasaurus
    Few animated series can say that they can make a world with characters and depth and maturity while still being fun for kids and older viewers alike, and even fewwer can get their young original audience to come back to see it as adaults. This is one of the few, and it and the shows that share its story and continuity sold a decade of viewers on the idea of superheroes. Yes, it's worth the money.
  • I've watched all of these, they r awesome in my opinion because I am a huge comic book fan!

    By Mehanaz
    I love the comic book characters, my fave is Batman!
  • Wonderful series, no season pass?

    By Toddeus
    I love the entire DC Animated Universe... well, nearly all of it. The artistry, the level of storywriting, music composition, they are all superb. It's a shame that iTunes doesn't have this season offered as a season pass, unlike the other 3 seasons of Justice League where you can download them all at once at a discount.
  • Batman Sings

    By Sith Lord J
    The Episode "This Little Piggy" is a must have written by Paul Dini the man behind the Batman Animated Series features Batman force to Sing "Am I Blue" on stage in costume to save Wonder Woman. Also check out "Kids Stuff" with Dakota Fanning playing the 8 year old Wonder Woman.
  • Best!

    By Nabz034
    Best season of all 4, this is the one to own, then season two, then one then 4.
  • Review

    By T-Beats
    Epic show
  • Whew!!

    By Omalleykate
    Thanks for the heads up on Hunter's Moon/Mystery In Space!! Made my day!
  • Hunter's Moon

    One of the greatest cartoons ever. And to the person below me Mystery in space is also called Hunters Moon