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  • Why Can't I Buy Season 6

    By jpsoraire
    This stinks. I bought every other full season available, but iTunes doesn't make this full season available. I would buy this, but I can't.
  • the last great season

    By 2dj
    if u were gonna buy anything, buy the first 4 seasons & the christmas special (if you have the money). after this season it stops being funny as a whole only as parts
  • No longer my fav show

    By Hail to the bleach
    Recycled jokes/punch lines, even story lines. One more musical episode and I swear I'll stop recording this show.. The writing process has gotten very bad. The show has gotten grotesque without being funny. It's sad when this happens to great shows
  • This show is DEVINE

    By jgrove12
    I love this show and if your a fan of classy and good ole family fun this show is for you!! ;)
  • This is the funniest show on tv. Period.

    By rjjones
    Easily my favorite show of all time. Not the best season, but it has it's laughs. I am addicted to this show and always have been since 2005. Wanna see some funny sodes? Try seasons 1-5. WILD CARD B****ES! Heyooooooooo
  • Very funny, but has been funnier before

    By Alsunnyfan
    I did not actually buy any episodes from this particular season of Sunny, but I did see Mac Fights Gay Marriage on TV. It was pretty funny, but there have been much funnier episodes from earlier seasons. Everybody else also says that earlier seasons are funnier, so I believe them.
  • It's Always Sunny Rox!

    By Miss.Dash
    Awesome show, great humor!!!
  • Worst season of the best show on tv

    By Hugh Honey
    I'm a HUGE fan of Sunny In Philly but this past season was very disappointing. If you're new to the show and want to see what all the hype is about, I suggest you try seasons 1-3 first as they are by far the best seasons. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed this season but the laugh out loud moments were few and far between. It's still better than any predictable dull sitcom you'll find on tv, but the gang can do better....
  • Charlie Kelly: King of the Rats

    By SteadyFly
    The Charlie Kelly episode may alone be one of the best Sunny Episodes ever. The next best episode of the season is 'The gang gets a new member'. Of course the other episodes are still better then 90 percent of all of the other crap out there so my rating is merely based on other sunny seasons. Some episodes of season 6 are just out of place, like the Boat episode. It seems to have no connection to the other episodes at all, and had a unique vibe courtesy of Steve Winwood (not hating, it was just different). All in all I think if Devito was removed as a character this show would be a lot better. I'm really sick of his over acting and lack of any real reason to be a part of the crew.
  • It

    By Nicknick8282
    Not as good overall as past seasons, but still better than most shows on TV. The Atlantic City episode is classic, as good as "Charlie Writes a Musical," and "Charlie Goes America on Everyone's A**es." More Artemis please!!!!