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  • I want to buy But refuse cause of ADs

    By Gilby098
    I would gladly buy all seasons of this show, I really enjoy it, However I refuse to pay for it with ads attached same as any other show with Ads attached to the show. FX needs to stop this and I encourage all to refuse to buy these shows until FX stop shoving there ads down their customers throats.
  • Best show on TV

    By Nihontojo
    This family is the modern day simpsons. People do not like the low brow humor anymore. This show delivers situational comedy that is well thought out and very very fun.
  • <3 butts

    By Keep em’ Comin'
    Best show since the Simpson’s started to sell out. I love this family and all the actors!! Not to mention all the awesome burgers.
  • paid for ads

    By joe-taku
    show is excellent, but it’s insulting to have to endure advertisements after paying. it’s convenient to shop from itunes but think i might have to try out amazon.
  • Ads!!

    By Joneich
    Great show, but if I'm going to be subjected to ads, then I'll stop paying for this through iTunes and just watch it for free through Hulu.
  • End the Ads

    By AnkhX100
    I like the show, but I’m not going to watch your other shows. stop it >:|
  • Why am I paying to be shown ads?

    By BeauRoberts
    The show is great. The ads are terrible. I've paid $40+ specifically not to see the ads. I'll find another way to watch future seasons of the show.
  • Love the show, hate the ads

    By Davyvonb
    I bought this so I wouldn't have to sit through commercials, now you're seriously going to have them at the beginning and the end?
  • Waiting for downloads, commercials

    By Fanny Dooley
    Bob's Burgers, 5 stars: amazing!! ITunes, one star: annoying.
  • BB fan thanks you!

    By Marmou12345
    Became big fan, didn't like it at first....I have all of Bobs Burgers available, I saw 9 episodes available for season 5 so I just grabbed the SD version of those, I'll wait for the rest. I fast forward any ads, that's not effective for ads. Thank you for such an enjoyable show, I don't watch traditional tv per se, grateful I can watch any episode whenever. I love animation, I have the last airbender and fruits basket as well.