The Quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth

By Geoff Murphy

  • Genre: Classics
  • Release Date: 1985-10-18
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 31min
  • Director: Geoff Murphy
  • Production Company: Cinepro
  • Production Country: New Zealand
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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In this sci-fi cult classic, Zac Hobson, a mid-level scientist working on a global energy project, wakes up to a nightmare. After his project malfunctions, Zac discovers that he may be the last man on Earth. As he searches empty cities for other survivors, Zac’s mental state begins to deteriorate, culminating in the film’s iconic and hotly debated ending.




  • Mind Blowing

    By Invadermac
    I was lucky enough to see this film waaay back in '85 at a local art theater that between showing Rocky Horror and other cult films, also showed an amazing assortment of really underrated films-Like The Quiet Earth. It isn't flashy or star- studded and at times it can seem clichéd, but it is truly a fantastic pure science fiction tale and has been done very well. If you've ever wondered what you would do-who you would be if you were the last person on Earth, or just like good solid scifi, WATCH THIS FILM!
  • Fantastic and thought provoking !

    By Hexximan
    I always shoot holes in movies as to how close or how far away, the writers get to real life technical,scientific facts. Like when you see a 9mm bullet hit a wall and cause an explosion leaving a hole the size of a tennis ball or a man lights a match in a room full of oxygen and it explodes like a ton of C-4. (if you don't already know, a 9mm bullet produces a ~ 9mm hole in a sheet rock wall and O2 is not flammable it only accelerates burning of a flammable fuel ) You see I’m doing right now! So, anyway when a movie is really, really good (like this one) facts don’t matter to me. I don't care WHY the sun is doing weird things to the earth. I only care about how the people react to their predicament and to each other. This movie held my attention front front to back and I loved it. When you consider that it was released in the 80's it truely is a testement to the actors', actress', producers and directors abilities to create a believable story. SORRY... JUST ENJOY THE MOVIE............
  • wow wow wow

    By Mitee47
    I saw this movie with my dad in the mid-80's and it was very impactful as one of the 1st last man on earth movies. It's haunting and incredibly simplistic in story. Guy wakes up, things look normal, but no one is around - no one. No corpes no zombies, just alone. So glad it's finally on iTunes been waiting a long time for this. rent it / buy it - either way its movie well spent.
  • Fun and entertaining last-people-on-earth with no zombies

    By seentoomany
    Come on, some others must have seen this too, comment! Much better than the recent TV series "Last Man on Earth" but in somewhat the same vein, this movie is fun, whimsical at times (but not stupid like the TV series), human and touching at other times, with a small dash of both science and philosophy, and certainly entertaining. It also carries along a uniquely New Zealand-cultural side of things that sets it apart from standard Hollywood, plus gorgeous music. Best of all, there are no zombies, monsters, violence, or gore as with so many other last-people-on-earth movies, a genre one could say started with Charlton Heston in the original The Omega Man in the 70s.