Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

By Michael Mazzola

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2020-04-07
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 2h 0min
  • Director: Michael Mazzola
  • Production Company: 1091
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
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As UFO’s suddenly grace the covers of the NY Times and Washington Post in the age of “fake news” and #conspiracy memes, how can we make sense of these revelations without losing our grip on reality? “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” is a feature documentary presented by Dr. Steven Greer, the global authority on extraterrestrials who created the worldwide disclosure movement and routinely briefs presidents and heads of state on the ET phenomenon. His previous works, Sirius and Unacknowledged, broke crowdfunding records and ignited a grassroots movement. In this film, Dr. Greer presents the most dangerous information that the architects of secrecy don’t want you to know: how forgotten spiritual knowledge holds the key to humans initiating contact with advanced ET civilizations. The film features groundbreaking video and photographic evidence and supporting interviews from prominent figures such as Adam Curry of Princeton’s PEAR Lab; legendary civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan; and Dr. Russell Targ, who headed the CIA’s top secret remote viewing program. Their message: For thousands of people, contact has begun. This is their story.





    By Mac's-Mac
    The beach footage is a military flare. Greer has sold out and is a charlatan. His “Dr.” was removed intentionally for being a fraud.
  • Spectacular, Clear, Inspiring

    By Hsnenen
    It’s amazing to have access to such clear and concise information that is also powerfully informative and motivating! I am so grateful for documentaries like this that simultaneously expand ones mind and also ones heart, it is a true reflection of what the world needs now. A multilayered journey, from what is happening on the physical with the government (also what is NOT happening with the government..), to peoples encounters, all the way up to spiritual invitations to uplift ones one vibration to higher levels of Consciousness for life that are simple and clear and very powerful. My husband and I watched this and immediately I sent it to at least a bunch of friends, made a Facebook post to share, joined the online group, and downloaded the app! So many times I see people who don’t take action because they don’t know how. This video has clear invitations of what one can do to be empowered for the upliftment of all mankind and to be free of the manipulations that are occurring! It is such a powerful and simple way to be proactive in our world to help bring the better world we know is here for us! Thank you Dr Greer and others who have made this possible! Much love and gratitude to you all.
  • Thank you Dr. Greer and Team

    By Taytayman123
    I have watched almost every documentary with Dr. Greer about the extraterrestrial topic. I see how passionate you are and how you believe with you entirely. That makes me believe. I enjoyed the consciousness and thought topic and how it relates to evolution and how these beings have evolved in their civilization theory. Thanks to everyone who made this documentary available and I look forward continuing to learning more. Peaceful contact not warfare!

    By CAPPA43
    The public keystone to the beginning of understanding, Must watch !!! Thank you to all involved, great job !!!
  • Must see

    By Hd333Hd
    Watched it twice in a row. We only need 1% to change the world.
  • Bravo!!! Terrific Movie!!

    By Rookangapooh
    Dr. Greer does it again!!! Excellent movie!! Knowledge is Power!! We are ones we have been waiting for!!! Keep up good work!!! Everyday more & more people are waking up😃

    By #OneOlive
    Dr Steven Greer has made the definitive UFO/UAP documentary. There is not a false moment to be had and it’s top notch. Amazing footage. Incredible insights. Deep diving interviews. It’s emotional and rings true to personal experiences I’ve had.
  • Watch For A Good Laugh (5 Star Comedy)

    By MrBrett0286
    I seriously watch these kind of things for the comedy alone lol. And I loved reading some of the reviews on here: crazy religious people saying there’s no evidence for such beliefs, you see the hypocrisy there? 😂 J Piv is the narrator haha
  • Amazing film!

    By A huge fan of Bob's
    Credible people and Information. Provides great clarity on what UFO’s are, how they get here, and the government’s role in trying to control the matter. Explains complex scientific and spiritual principles in layman’s language. Amazing production and music. WORTH EVERY PENNY!
  • Close encounters of the fifth kind

    By Jacki blu
    I really enjoyed Close encounters of the fifth kind! Brilliant! I would love the experience myself ! I pray they keep you safe Dr. Greer! May there force be with you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✌🏼