The Last Blockbuster

The Last Blockbuster

By Taylor Morden

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2020-12-15
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 26min
  • Director: Taylor Morden
  • Production Company: PopMotion Pictures
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
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The Last Blockbuster is a fun, nostalgic look back at the era of video rentals and the story of how one small town video store managed to outlast a corporate giant. Featuring interviews with comedians and celebrities with ties to Blockbuster: Adam Brody (The O.C., Jennifer’s Body), Ione Skye (Say Anything, River’s Edge), Doug Benson (Getting Doug with High, The Lego Batman Movie), Paul Scheer (The League, Veep) and director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob), with narration by Lauren Lapkus (The Wrong Missy, Orange Is The New Black). Filmmakers Taylor Morden and Zeke Kamm follow the manager of the world’s sole remaining Blockbuster in Bend, OR, Sandi Harding, as she reflects on the store's vibrant past and navigates the difficult task of keeping a video rental store open in the era of streaming. Taking us through the history and subsequent rise and fall of the franchise, the documentary reveals the real reason why Blockbuster went out of business (hint - it wasn’t Netflix), while celebrating the unique and defining culture it created in the ‘90s, honoring a simpler times and the sense of community that could once be found in Blockbuster locations across the world.




  • Positively bangin’!

    By Rude Roy
    I loved it! Brought back fond memories. What a fun and funny documentary. Rent In Peace 📼💛💙
  • The Last Blockbuster

    By Noah B. Will
    The Last Blockbuster has gotta be the greatest documentary movie ever. This documentary is so awesome, if it has James Arnold Taylor it it! 😎 🎬😎🎬😎🎬😎🎬😎🎬😎🎬😎🎬😎
  • 😢

    By trendingboys
    Blockbuster buys Netflix and shuts them down Blockbuster buys Netflix and keeps on making money It’s a win win Who had the great idea to say no to Netflix??
  • Good doc plus bonuses

    By Furutan1
    Worth watcing. Cultural anthropologists will like it, especially for the bonus appearances. What? Among those interviewed not only are there three classic full-blown geeks, but there is also the ultimate King of All Dweebs. It is almost worth watching to see an honest-to-goodness fully articulated AKC pedigreed dweeb. A true museum piece.
  • Funny, nostalgic and interesting!

    By SciFiGuy1138
    Great dual storyline - the history of the Blockbuster empire and family that's trying to hold the fort with the very last store. Very well done!
  • Big Kevin Smith Fan

    By litosfritos
    And a fan of everyone else in this doc. I got to see it at a festival and enjoyed every minute. Will be re-watching with my kids over the holiday break.
  • Wow truly well done

    By egeek84
    If you were an employee or even just a customer/fan of Blockbuster, you can’t miss this!! Fantastic documentary was glued to screen entire time. Entertaining , informative , humorous
  • Family theme survives a corporate structure.

    By D Whitlow
    A great look at the overall rise & fall of Blockbuster. Focusing on how the last store in Oregon survived the corporate structure by staying family focused.