A Glitch in the Matrix

A Glitch in the Matrix

By Rodney Ascher

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2021-02-05
  • Advisory Rating: Unrated
  • Runtime: 1h 48min
  • Director: Rodney Ascher
  • Production Company: Campfire
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
From 14 Ratings


A Glitch In The Matrix, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Rodney Ascher (Room 237, The Nightmare), is a multimedia documentary that dives into the great existential question: Are we in fact living in a simulation? Using a seminal 1977 speech from Philip K. Dick as a jumping-off point, Ascher presents compelling scientific evidence and philosophical musings through interviews with real people shrouded in digital avatars, as well as samples from cultural texts like Minecraft and The Matrix, to support the idea that the universe is a highly advanced computer simulation. Part sci-fi mind-scrambler, part true-crime horror story, A Glitch In The Matrix is an eye-popping, open-minded, and highly entertaining journey to the limits of radical doubt that leaves no stone unturned.




  • Much Ado About Nothing

    By tabularmanguy
    Some self-absorbed idiots mistaking the effect for the cause. All technology and the simulations humans have created are based on reality, and that's why you can then retrogressively connect your experiences in computer simulations such as computer games back to reality. This filmmaker, and all of those interviewed, fall into sloppy circular arguments. I stopped watching about half way through because of all the whinny creationist bull crap. This hack job of a 'documentary' is not worth the .99 cents.
  • Silly

    By Citizen Sane
    It's a very silly and tabloidy treatment of a serious subject. There is little serious material presented. Most of it looks like a clumsy video game or an old tv show. Pretty bad version of what this could have been.
  • Extremely Amateur

    By TanyeWest33
    I had high hopes for this documentary. They showed many clips of well known speakers discussing the topic on simulation theory that most people interested in this topic have already seen years ago on YouTube. I found their statements/claims on this topic to be baseless and filled with personal opinions and assumptions. They discussed things that they encounter in their daily lives that they claim explains how we live in a simulation, but these things are just mere conjecture and can be easily explainable as something else. This documentary is more of a disservice to simulation theory. The interviews were completely amateur and beyond unprofessional. I actually found them annoying. A lot of talking with no real evidence and baseless claims. I have a hard time taking people seriously when their doing a interview in their bedroom with a dumb avatar over their face. This documentary lacked depth, professionalism, maturity. They base everything off other people’s research. Disappointing. I was really looking forward to it even before it was realized. Honestly it’s embarrassing.
  • Outside

    By colorsaremything
    Somebody needs to get outside more! LOL
  • Horrible!

    By shawnthomson
    Please take my advice and no not waste your money on this crap
  • Open to concept.. but

    By TLKingdom
    This was terrible. Really? You use a youtubers presentation about mirror mirror on the wall to back up a Mandela theory. Two minutes of research on google would disprove that wild theory. Give me a break. But I guess you got my six bucks.
  • Only skims the surface

    By Matt Does Insanity
    Pros + Interesting discussion on society’s reaction if we did live in a simulated universe + Easy to understand if you’ve never considered the idea or seen the film The Matrix Cons - Audio mixing was done poorly, with some of the background music becoming so pronounced it was difficult to focus on the individuals speaking - Three of the participants use digital avatars, the first one was interesting, then by the time the third avatar appeared it was annoying - Only skimmed the surface of the topic; no breaking revelations or debate of why or why not - Unlikely to persuade and doesn’t lead to any real conclusion TL;DR. Three men hiding behind Zoom call avatars, a scientist, an author, and a prisoner believe we’re computers/avatars without providing any proof, science, and only offer anecdotes and false memories as evidence. Only giving it 2 stars because of interest in the topic but would not recommend.
  • Pretty Bad

    By AidenDPearce
    Was stoked for this but 95% of the documentary is weird nerd conspiracy theorists basing this all on no facts or evidence of any kind while hiding behind 80’s horrible graphics covering their faces. It’s almost laughable, I was really hoping for facts and actual theories here
  • Ok boomers

    By skelekdmddnx
    Had to rebuke these boomer reviews. They still think woman should stay home and cook and clean, they’ll never open their mind up to possibilities.
  • Half truth movie

    By Cboy956
    Half truths are what make society crazy.