For Walter and Josiah

For Walter and Josiah

By Jamie Elias

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2022-09-16
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 17min
  • Director: Jamie Elias
  • iTunes Price: USD 7.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


The feature-length documentary "For Walter and Josiah" follows a Native American high school basketball team the season after losing two of its beloved members to a suicide epidemic plaguing The Flathead Reservation in Montana. The team's players and coaches strive to win for their fallen brothers while processing their own grief and navigating the pressures of poverty, drug abuse, and historical trauma.




  • For Walter and Josiah

    By Btpennington
    An achingly powerful, gut-wrenching film about the impact of suicide and systemic poverty on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana. This documentary speaks to the importance of honoring cultural traditions; and the power of community and basketball as a support in healing complex trauma.
  • Extraordinary Film

    By truecrimefan22
    This film is about perseverance and the power of teachers and the importance of culture and the vulnerability of young men. It is a reminder that we should listen more than talk. A truly beautiful and inspiring documentary.
  • Poignant and important story that needed to be told

    By jpawesome1912
    First time director Jamie Elias delivered a powerful message in “For Walter and Josiah” - a heartbreaking story of resilience in the face of a community’s sadness. In the midst of a suicide epidemic in a Montana-based Native American community, Jamie tells the story of a basketball team that bands together in order to heal and grieve the ones they’ve lost.
  • A Must-See Eye Opener into the lives of the Native Americans today

    By Brookie cookie boo
    I had heard about this documentary coming out from a friend and watched it immediately when it released. It tells the honest and open story of what it is like today to be a Native American in Montana, which is something I know very little to nothing about. The crew follows a high school basketball team around for their season and the boys in this documentary and so young in age, and are literally raising themselves with the help of educators in their community. It’s heart breaking and sad how generations of Native Americans have had to struggle as a result of their land taken and culture modified from our expansion out west. My children are in middle school and have recently learned about the revolution and expansion. But I must show them this film because I’m unsure they will be taught more about how that has affected life today for the Native Americans.

    By Matthew761010
    “For Walter and Josiah” is a must see film. First time director, Jamie Elias, does a masterful job at telling a story few have ever heard, and showing real life on the Flathead Nation reservation few have ever seen. The lives of these Two Eagle River teenagers and their families are filled with heroism and bounded by tragedy. You will be pulled forward by their life stories and dreams and pulled apart by their daily reality. Watch the film and you will see.
  • So relevant and powerful

    By 16+ Candles
    For Walter and Josiah is one of the best documentary films I’ve watched where I actually feel a part of this community. Emotional and moving! I am humbled by how much I learned. Respect to the film makers and this amazing community!
  • Story that needs to be heard

    By E. Zucker
    Beautifully shot. Enlightening.