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  • 💜💜💜

    By amandax345
    Leaves you wanting more!
  • It was okay

    By TGIF2019
    I was so excited about this movie and it’s only a 1/2 of the final installment… More and more series are doing that and it’s annoying. So many details were left out and I just thought it was all “fluff.” The book series was very good and I felt like the whole last movie , something was missing….
  • Love this series.

    By sxegti
    Great movie. Can’t wait to see part 2 of this!
  • Total disappointment

    By Memoe25
    While the other 3 were pretty good this one was and hour and a half of boring with a to be continued 👎🏼🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • Dignity, Anyone?

    By True Houyhnhnm
    I’ll start by saying in the After series, this is the best movie since the first. The first had its issues, but it was, in the end, charming. The subsequent two were trash. This one is a step up. That said, is anyone else getting to the point that they just wish one of these two would find some dignity and MOVE ON? Apparently in all the literature they read, they didn’t notice the stories had meaning and themes, such as commitment and, oh, honor. Nah, those books are only useful to quote cool lines from. 🙄 Indeed, one of the great lessons of great literature is that “love” is about commitment. Yes, there are trials. But the crap these two put themselves through is not a trial; it is toxicity. I mean seriously: ending a relationship because a guy wrote a book with you positively reflected in it? Nevermind it helped him recover, which is what you claimed you wanted. Throw a snit because he didn’t consult you about “your life.” Well, it’s his life too. Really. And how many men is Tessa going to glom onto in this series? If you want to rid yourself of Hardin, stop following his brother around. But I digress. My point is that I was interested in following the characters. The first movie got me to explore the books (which are NOT great literature). But I’m tired of riding the rollercoaster at this point. There is nothing interesting about the relationship. It’s tedious. I mean, why do they even like each other at this point? She’s annoying and he’s pathetic. And now another movie? 🤦‍♀️
  • Unnecessary

    By lateshak0
    When can we watched it when it’s pre ordered already, it is trying to make me buy or rent again.
  • Good Movie wish the next part was out!!

    By marsavrim
    This movie was a great part of Harden and Tessa’s story. I’m ready for the next part to be out!!
  • After Ever Happy

    By Hannfbbef
    I enjoyed all four movies they’ve my favorites they were all enjoyable glad there’s one more coming out with them in it. they always do such an awesome job as actors !!!!!!!!! :-)
  • Love After Movies! 😍❤️

    By Rissie97
    I have all the After books and seen every movie. I can’t wait to watch After Ever Happy and see the new After that is coming out. I love Josephine and Hero they are amazing and would be the cutest/adorable couple!
  • Pre-ordered

    By Holliann924
    Why isn’t this available yet to watch when we pre-ordered it?