Creed III

Creed III

By Michael B. Jordan

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2023-03-03
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1h 56min
  • Director: Michael B. Jordan
  • Production Company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99
From 2,322 Ratings


After dominating the boxing world, Adonis Creed puts his future on the line to battle a fighter who has nothing to lose…and everything to gain.




  • Fighting

    By 7263527creeed
    Why is it always fighting on creeds movies always
  • Nahhhhhhh

    By frankwhitenyking
    Sorry, Michael B Jordan has never sold me on being some tough guy. He’ll always be that soft snitch in “The Wire” that was crying & begging for his life when they offed him. No thanks, Son
  • Good film, ending a bit flat

    By JoshD11
    This is the first time in the Creed series that I wanted to see Apollo win, which brings me to what should come next. Please, please, PLEASE give us at least one Drago film. They did him dirty in the second film and I want to see him just crush people. If the studio wants to keep this IP alive, at least until Apollo’s daughter gets in the ring which feels like what they are setting up, Drago is the perfect fit. The character is a BEAST and deserves his own story. There isn’t a person alive who believed that Drago would lose to Apollo in real life and that character had such potential other than a Rocky 4 story rehash. With that out of the way, I liked this film as it had heart, even if it felt rushed. A nice way to round out the series after the disappointment of the second film. Yes the final fight was bad from a boxing standpoint as the camera angles made it clear that the lead wasn’t punching hard at all, but still a good story. Worth a rental, but I would recommend waiting until it hits the $5 price point to buy it. Finally, I don’t understand why people are complaining this is “woke”. Is it because his daughter wants to box? Are people not aware of Ali’s daughter? At no time did I catch “woke” vibes from this film, but I guess it’s in vogue to claim that on movies now. To each their own I guess.
  • Apple TV fix the audio issues

    By fernandez_bjj
    Apple TV needs to fix the audio issues I was experiencing while watching this movie.
  • Final Fight = Worst Ever Filmed!

    By Shamus8534
    The film was decent most of the way through considering Sylvester Stallone had no involvement. However, the training scene lacks inspiration and the final fight is the worst ever filmed for a boxing movie.
  • Unmemorable

    By 4saken55
    Something to watch if you have time to kill, but nothing more.
  • Awful

    By LuxeBunny
    This series of movies gets worse with each film—a disappointing trilogy.
  • Surprisingly Good

    By sjrdragon
    Im not a fan of this genre. ROCKY was enough. So I waited months after release to view the film This story is surprising good and the final fight sence was very good, editing extracting and communicating the essence of the contest. It was trend setting for cinematic fight scenes. I recommend and have added it to my purchased collection.
  • Great Movie, Apple TV version has some weird sepia filter on it

    By IDanpad
    Amazing finish to the trilogy, my only issue is that whenever I watch it through Apple TV it looks like it’s grainier and has a sepia filter on it, tried comparing it with different tvs and it’s the same issue. Amazon Prime has no issue with the coloring it seems to only be an Apple TV issue.
  • Kinda Corny - Overacted

    By fjtb2000
    I’m not much of a movie critic - but I did thoroughly enjoy the first two - this CREED lll seemed to me the “acting” was over cooked. Way over done. Thoroughly not enjoyable. Doesn’t deserve one star. But a solid 2.2