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All Dogs Go to Heaven

All Dogs Go to Heaven

By Don Bluth, Gary Goldman & Dan Kuenster

  • Genre: Kids & Family
  • Release Date: 1989-11-17
  • Advisory Rating: G
  • Runtime: 1h 24min
  • Director: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman & Dan Kuenster
  • Production Company: Goldcrest
  • Production Country: Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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New Orleans, Louisiana…1939. After escaping from a dog pound, junkyard German shepherd Charlie B. Barkin is double-crossed and killed by his old gambling partner, a pit bull named Carface Malone. Finding himself at the great pet cemetery in the sky without a good deed to his name, Charlie is returned to Earth, where a little orphan girl (who can speak to dogs and predict race winners) comes to rely upon him for help. Charlie sees that he can use the girl as a way to regain his old business and get revenge against Carface. But instead, Charlie learns that there is something else much more valuable, something which he missed in life the first time around... Love.




  • Great Mafia Film

    By MafiaFangirl
    Does your child love organized crime and the Mafia? Introduce your little one to this thing of ours with this well-drawn animated feature about mobsters. Carface is like Vito Corleone somewhat, while Charlie is a wiseguy who’s spent some time in the can. There’s great examples of mob sit-downs, business practices, and good ole shootouts. There’s also smoking, and alcohol, and betting. La Cosa Nostra has never been more fun!

    By Sarmad Ash
    I ORDER you NOT to watch it (NEVER EVER).This movie ends very sadly and you'll be depressed because that’s like you lose his/her mom,brother,sister,relative,friend,pet,......I can never forget this TERRIBLE ending.I cry sometimes....
  • Wow just wow

    By FSU1😎
    Ok so the reviews that say “oh my kids can’t watch it because it is so scary ohhh so many things are wrong with it” y’all are so wrong I just watched it after so long and was so happy to watch it. I had seen it when I was younger and though it is sad at what the end it was so awesome. I am now 11 and just love the movie it reminds me of my doggo he is very sick but he will all ways be with me. So shut it naysayers.
  • This is cute! 🥰 all dogs DO go to heaven

    By anastastia\/mcprickle🐴
    Good animation and good plot. I love all Kinds of dogs and I wanted to rent this film. I have to say, that the characters were all creative, and the voice acting is well-done too. I seen this movie twice, I saw it when I was younger and I also saw it not along ago. Dogs going to heaven? That is a creative creative idea! Five stars for the creators! 😇 🐶
  • Mentally scaring

    Not a kids move
  • Loved it since day one!

    By scliame
    I’m much older now and still totally enjoy this kid movie. Parts are sad yes, but other parts of the movie are so cute and sweet! Love the SONGS!!!
  • Zazbatee

    By Misqigen
    This movie so happens to once been my favorite cartoon movie it has adventure comedy and a littole suspence.
  • Great film!!!

    By Taloa Imponna
    Loved this one since I was a kid. It taught me how to not have a marshmallow heart and to focus on my go getting to heaven. I hope Rock-A-Doodle will be on iTunes soon!!!
  • Scary, but awesome, and a trilling ride.

    By Godly awesome
    Talking dogs I could like that movie. I've watched it on the hub network. I really did not know how Charlie can pick up the Anne merrie go, Did he had strength? But that was really cool and beautiful. It made me cry a lot at the end. I loved the part when charlle rescues Anne merrie.
  • Childhood memories relived.

    By Phantomphan81
    I cant even describe how much I LOVE this! My favorite movie for 8 years and its still my fav animated film. Kids need more like this. Without it I wouldn't be who I an today :)