The Hidden

The Hidden

By Jack Sholder

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 1988-04-22
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 37min
  • Director: Jack Sholder
  • Production Company: Dynamo
  • Production Country: Colombia, Spain
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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Daytime Emmy-nominee Michael Nouri ("The Terminal," TV's "The O.C.") and Emmy-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Kyle MacLachlan (TV's "Desperate Housewives," "Twin Peaks") star as Tom Beck and Lloyd Gallagher, a pair of Los Angeles police detectives assigned to stop a crime spree being perpetrated by what seems to be an alien intruder. When detective Tom Beck is teamed with Lloyd Gallagher to solve a puzzling case, he seems to notice the same odd gait and look in Gallagher's eyes that he has seen in the criminals. What he doesn't see at first is that, like the criminals, Gallagher is not human, that he has been sent to earth to apprehend an extraterrestrial criminal in this sci-fi thriller that has become a cult classic.




  • A Real “Killer” B Movie (one of 237!)

    By D. Scott Apel
    This review is an excerpt from my book “Killer B’s: The 237 Best Movies On Video You’ve (Probably) Never Seen,” which is available as an ebook on iBooks. If you enjoy this review, there are 236 more like it in the book (plus a whole lot more). Check it out! THE HIDDEN: Strange FBI agent Gallagher (MacLachlan) arrives in a Pacific Northwest town, tracking a murderous psycho who has killed a dozen people—including his partner. Things get really weird when the killer, caught and hospitalized, extrudes a snail-like alien from his mouth into the body of an unconscious patient—who then gets up and walks away. Oddly, this revived guy has the same taste for Ferraris and heavy metal music that the first guy did... Gallagher explains to police detective Beck (Nouri) only that this killer “changes identities.” Beck presses for details; Gallagher offers only glib answers (“I read minds”). They follow a trail of killers—serial killers, in the sense that one killer seems to pick up where the previous one left off. Beck is frustrated by the bizarre things he sees in a shootout with a stripper-turned-killer (Christian). “An explanation won’t help you,” Gallagher insists. But when Beck finally does discover the truth—it’s out there. Discussion: “I guess a career in the police didn’t really prepare you for this, did it?” Gallagher chides, once Beck has discovered that they’re after an alien that picks up bodies like off-the-rack suits and uses them until they’re damaged to death. Although this flick might appear to be a trial run for “Twin Peaks,” MacLachlan also has a secret, in the tradition of “Starman.” Much of the fun in the film lies in the details: Gallagher trying to figure out Alka-Seltzer; the sly political commentary in the evil alien’s ambitions; the odd bodies that the body-hopper is forced to possess. Yes, it is very bloody—but for once, the amount of lethal force is not gratuitous, but essential to the set-up. What sets “The Hidden” apart from many other bloody action flicks is the compassionate sacrifices, which restore order to everyone’s lives.
  • very nice movie

    By صلاح كعكي
    one Of the best movies ever good old days I wish if I can know the title of the songs in the bar is it The bad girl and who is the Singar
  • Death by...

    By CHrismisti
    Whereas The Lostboys gave you death by stereo, this gem serves up death by alien sex. There's tons of classic 80's sci-fi lampoons, but not enough to sink it out of cult status.
  • the hidden 1987

    By smokeysmokey
    very bad movie, just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Hidden

    By billyjonackley
    This was was really good scary sci-fi movie of the good guy vs. the BAD ALIEN genre.. Beautifully handled effects, even though this movie was before the heavy CGI available to sci fi directors today. (Didn't you love AVATAR!!!!) Still and though, this was a great efffort especially by Kyle MacLughlin, (sorry on the spelling, I have old-timers disease)