By Neil Jordan

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Release Date: 2009-06-27
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 58min
  • Director: Neil Jordan
  • Production Company: WestEnd Films
  • Production Country: Ireland, United Kingdom, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 807 Ratings


An insatiable thirst for blood thrusts a beautiful young woman into an exhilarating and deadly new world of dark mysticism and hauntingly intoxicating vampire legends.




  • My favorite movie!

    By IsabellaDiCaprio23
    Hands down my new favorite indie movie! I AM SO OBSESSED WITH BYZANTIUM! Great story as well as amazing actors?!?! This is no Twilight-this is Gemma Arterton at her finest showing us the gritty truth behind the price of immortality
  • Blood Lust

    By matty03
    Neil Jordan’s film may not be scary or even particularly suspenseful, but it offers a skewed and surrealistic character study of loneliness and isolation. Satires Ronan gives an outstanding performance. Sean Bobbitt’s cinematography is in usual top form. As this two sad vampires take nest in an abandoned and dilapidated seaside hotel, their existential challenges become the least of their worries. The film takes on additional power as Gemma Arterton fuels her character with strength and eroticism to protect herself and her daughter at all costs. This is a highly artistic and intelligent film that steps out of the box of the genre in ways you would not expect.
  • byzantium

    By trollogre
    I bought the movie thinking that it would be a vampire thriller. It was about as thrilling as a fresh buffalo chip on a summer’s day. I want my money back Trollogre
  • Great a++++*

    By Jivejoey
    Love the story ,the brotherhood didn't understand that woman rule great Vampire picture from beginning to end hope they part two
  • A aesthetically beautiful film that lacked "bite"

    By Datflybody
    After the first gruesome death, I expected the film to be an intense roller coaster ride of tears and blood. Instead, we have a slightly off-base film about two vampires who run a brothel, and the many adventures they are made part of. The film was not bad, in fact it was far from it, with some beautiful visuals and some really great acting my the female leads, but the film just never seems to really go anywhere. I waited with baited breath for some climactic change, and it ended exactly as I imagined it, which does not say much about the quality of the film. Overall, you could definitely do worse than watching this movie, but not by much.
  • Very good and Original vampire movie

    By bsdjunkie
    I really like this one! Compare to the foreign movie “Let the Right One In”. The cinematography is excellent, great visuals and awesome dialogue. The store is fresh and intriguing and keeps you very interested.
  • Such A Good Movie!!!!!!!

    By JenferHi5
    I Rented it, But Now Im Going To Buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Neil does it again!

    By AaronInGP
    Jordan delivers a moody, emotional, lovely film. Both Arterton and Ronan are brilliant as two vampires with very different emotional realities. The cinematography is splendid throughout, and the mood is very subdued for the most part. Unlike so many vampire films, I found myself very invested in the characters’ inner lives and their situations. This is definitely worth a watch!
  • Good story - screenplay needed more work

    By Melanie Falsepercy
    Somehow the story sags in all the flashbacks and details. The cinematography is good but many of the sets feel off base and lack tight narrative partnership with the story. It's a bit of a hot mess this film.
  • Excellent

    By grimsonia
    This was a classic type vampire film and entirely unlike the puerile crap of the past five years or so. This was more along the lines of 'Let the right one in'. The casting was spectacular as was the acting and the story left me wanting to know more, but I was happy with the film as it was. If you like seriously done horror and not purely gore full of soft core porn you'll like this.