Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III - The Advent

Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III - The Advent

By Unknown

  • Genre: Anime
  • Release Date: 2013-02-01
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 52min
  • Director: Unknown
  • Production Company: Studio 4°C
  • Production Country: Japan
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
From 202 Ratings


The horrifying conclusion to the Golden Age unfolds in a magnificently violent nightmare, signifying the birth of new era where darkness outshines the light. It’s been a year since Griffith’s imprisonment by the Kingdom of Midland. Once praised as the saviors of the Midland, the Band of the Hawk has been on the run and is on the brink of breaking apart. Much to everyone’s surprise, Guts returns to the Hawks, and the search for Griffith begins!




  • Amazing

    By Berserk 2.0
    Can't wait for season 3
  • Hell on Earth!!!! Do you have the GUTS

    If you did not read the comic or watch the series you might be lost with some of the story. This movie sums up marvelous characters and a fantastic story with flashy and unique animation. As a recent fan of the series I couldn't put it down and had to see it through to the end. To the viewers who thought that the rape scenes where horrendous, I headed your warning and prepared myself for the worst, actually waiting a few days to watch it. In my opinion, It wasn't distasteful from an artistic point of view. It stayed true to the original manga and didn't make me barf. For that moment of the sacrifice it was like hell on earth for those comrades linked to Griffith through blood and sword. Obviously I am not saying this movie is for young viewers but it is not a porn either. War is ugly, I imagine Hell on Earth would be worse. Watching Guts rip and tear the enemy and himself limb from limb to survive was definitely entertaining and had me wondering if life as I knew it and cherished where falling down around me for one night would I have the blind rage, need I say it, guts, to survive the night. Side note, the animation team needs to do "Blade of the Immortal" and finally bring my boy Manji and Anotsu to the screen.
  • Too much rape

    By Rogerfreakinrabbit
    This movie made me really uncomfortable the torture and rape was just too much watch at own discretion and risk as for me I'm dropping out of this series
  • Better, bloodier, gorier, and more intense than the first two

    By poopsy duffus
    this combination of nonstop hardcore bloody and gory action, hardcore bloody and gory horror, and dark fantasy makes this best and rawest adults only animated film I've seen in a while, and it's so intense and hardcore that it makes Dante's inferno: An Animated Epic look like a slap on the wrist, literally lol, if you enjoyed the gore soaked nonstop action thrill rides that the first two movies took you on, then you'll enjoy this one just as much
  • Tentacle rape?!

    By meg00k
    If you are a fan of tentacle rape, boy, is this the movie for you! It is one anime trope after another. Completely different than the first two mideival times themed movies. Total crap; demon anime complete with the ubiquitous tentacle rape... unoriginal and so far removed from the first two that it simply isn't worth watching. Ended up skipping through to the conclusion, which wasn't even a conclusion. So, thanks for that...
  • Wow, just wow

    By Pinkycrust
    I dont usually write any reviews, but after finishing this triology I cannot hold my tounge. Let me just start by saying that I have not watched any of the previous animes or read any of the manga so I did not really know what I was getting myself into. This anime has a deep story, engaging characters and extreme violence. I thought I was numb to this genre, but no amounts of Game of Thrones could prepare me for what I was about to expeirience. Without getting to indepth, I truly recommend this to anyone who enjoyed other movies such as Samurai X, Ghost in the Shell or Ninja Scroll. My anime resume does not run that deep but without a doubt, Breserk is definitly worth a shot.
  • You are not prepared...

    By Anathar88
    For any Berserk fan, this is a must watch. It adds some elements that were not in the original anime (i.e. Skull Knight), but at the same time, leaves out a lot that was in the original manga (i.e. Wyald. Go figure). This third entry of the Golden Age Arc trilogy is the only one that I will advise people who have weak stomachs NOT to watch. Yes, there will be blood, there will be gore, and there will be scenes that will cause you to go through extreme bouts of anger towards two dimensional characters. Even I was blown away from the violence of the second half of this film. But, what can I say? I'm a fan of the series all the way, and I hope they continue to progress through the story further in future installments. Long Live Berserk!