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  • Where are the OTHER seasons⁉️

    By BreeInGilbertAZ
    C’mon, iTunes. There are SIX more seasons of this great show. If only most cops are like Pete & Jim. Best cop show ever.
  • Adam 12

    By Rocketman6789
    I wish they had more season I love this show
  • GREAT SHOW - Let's get the Rest

    By superbrat50
    I wish they would come out with the remaining seasons...i hate when you like a series and you can only find one or two of the seasons....
  • Great show!👍👍👍👍

    By Color mania is awesome
    I know that this review is a little late considering that most of these reviews were from 7-8 years ago. But my dad grew up watching this show and although I'm only 12 I love to watch this show with my dad! I can't believe that one jerk all the way at the bottom of the reviews who said that Adam 12 is a bad show, JERK! It's funny because my dad is a police officer and he likes to point out the things Malloy and Reed do wrong (which happens very rarely) I can't believe that this one guy said that him and his childhood friend used to ack like Malloy and Reed because my dad used to do that with his childhood friend, what a small world! Thanks for reading this review ( well if anybody still goes on here) considering it was a pretty long review!
  • Great Show

    By LPHS Royalty
    This is one my Favorite show to watch during the week on Antenna TV.
  • Adam 12

    By The bomb 6000
    Awesome show? How about Season 2-7?
  • Best show EVER

    By Ksf7706
    Let's have the rest of the seasons, 2, 3 etc… I spend my lunch breaks watching this show!!!! I grew up on it… loved to talk with my uncle about these shows as he was an LAPD officer…!!!
  • Add More Seasons PLEEEEEASE!!!!

    By rampromos
    Enjoying this one thoroughly. Don't like getting closer to that last episode.
  • The best show ever!

    By Tank 12
    I've been watching Adam 12 for four years and I think the show is the best. I started watching the show when I was younger and that was back in 2009 and now I just love it. Watching the show through my eyes is a little bit different than the people who watched the show when they were in the 1960s. I highly recommend this show to anybody who loves police procedure or anybody who loves dragnet emergency or any other related Jack web production shows. I'm personally fan of Martin Milner!
  • Cops before Cops

    By 80'sFan
    My favorite police show!