SNL: The Best of Dan Aykroyd

SNL: The Best of Dan Aykroyd

Saturday Night Live

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2006-01-10
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 1
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
From 397 Ratings


SNL original cast member Dan Aykroyd, along with the other Not Ready for Primetime Players, ignited a comedy revolution in the 1970's with a mix of rebellious behavior and groundbreaking material that instantly turned them into "The Beatles of Comedy." See what started it all with the Best of Dan Aykroyd's amazing comedic performances as one of the Coneheads, Fred Garvin, Irwin Mainway, or selling hilarious products like the Bassomatic. And watch Dan's unbelievable ability to act like President Carter, Tom Snyder or just a "wild and crazy guy."

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Disclaimer: Grizzly Adams Sets Fire To His Head
Blues Brothers -"I Don't Know" Cold Open
Festrunk Brothers
Mel's Char Palace #1
Coneheads At Home: IRS
Mel's Char Palace #2
Irwin Mainway: Halloween
Julia Child
Nerds - Norge
Point/Counterpoint - Palimony
Carter Phone-In
Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute
Pocket Pal
Tom Snyder: Mick Jagger
Bad Ballet: Swan
Final Days
E.Buzz Miller: Art Classics
Looks At Books: Mauled
Coneheads: Family Feud
Mechanics Bedtime Story


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1 The Best of Dan Aykroyd 1:31:12 Season Only Buy on iTunes




    By Der Hammerhai
    This is CLASSIC SNL before it lost its genius. Story time, kids... Back in the day, the US was going to have full conversion to the metric system. No more inches, yards, feet... No more 50 yard line. You couldn't be buried six feet under... You couldn't give someone an inch--and s/he couldn't take a mile. Aykroyd did this skit called, "The Decabet." It was comic brilliance touching upon an incredibly hot topic. No drag, no silly songs, no slapstick, etc. Pure wit. Lmnopen your mind and enjoy his work! Fred Garvin... E. Buzz Miller... The list goes on and on... What's up with the Blues Brother preview w/Belushi in the forefront? How about putting on another skit of his? Something wild and crazy? Let's hear it for wild and crazy Czech guys!!!!
  • Why No "Best of Chevy Chase?"

    By SNL_fan
    Akroyd was funny, but where is a "Best of..." for Chevy Chase? Some of Akroyd's best stuff was with Chase, who I think was one of the reasons SNL made it big in the first place!

    By preppie knight
    Dan Aykroyd is hilarious. definitely worth 9.99.
  • sweet!

    By kennydoodledoo
    i loved "The Coneheads"! You ruled!!!
  • Dan Aykroyd Is Awesome

    By smooch
    Dan Aykroyd is by far one of the best that SNL ever had (behind Will Ferrell and Eddie Murphy). I would however, get this on DVD because it is 10 times better watching it with a friend.
  • just a question....

    By StrawberryFields4ever
    I love SNL but why did this come up when I typed in The Beatles????
  • Amazing

    By AustinG.
    Dan Aykroyd is one of my favorites and best performers on Saturday Night Live, I have also bought the best of Jimmy Fallon, no offense to Jimmy but this is much, much better. I suggest buy this and trust me, you will not be upset.
  • cool

    By Grasseyturf
    Dan Aykroyd is one of the best he is very cool when it comes to the Blues Brothers and The coneheads and Point counter point it is a must buy
  • Long video with no chapter markers...

    By Jerimizzay
    What happened to the attention to detail? The big problem is that there are no chapter markers; kudos to whoever forgot to add them. Also, the $10 cost is a bit of a tangent from the iTunes music store's .99 cent roots.
  • Loved him Loved him Loved him

    By Marcheezy
    His a great comedian of his time and now. I would like to see more of him if I could. I wish that I had a way to contact him in person and let him know how much he has inspired me to continue with my comedy, with all his trials aand tribulations that he went through with his life a career. Thanks alot Dan