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  • Why no season 2?

    By astraith
    It’s great. Make season two.
  • TV for Multitaskers

    By stephen nyc
    Slightly developed characters played by likable enough actors, with occasionally clever plots. But the dialogue is often stilted, and I can easily imagine the actors rolling their eyes as they read the scripts. It won't take many episodes to see why the show was cancelled after 1 season. But that's a shame, because it had potential.
  • We need a season 2

    By Kit joy
    Only a true ***** would cancel a masterpiece! I have a deception Playlist with bottom of the deep blue and free animal which are songs featured in episodes. No spoilers but I really need to see what happens next!!! I was at a camp when I heard that it got canceled and that was the saddest day of my life! I don’t care what people say about change.org I am so desperate for a season 2! If you haven’t seen Deception, you are missing out on a Mona Lisa in tv form. Flawless beautiful epic and overall awesome!
  • My favorite show!!!

    By Lindzzz2022
    This is the best show ever! I can’t believe that they canceled it😭
  • #SaveDeception #ILoveDeception

    By NicoleMIG
    This show quickly has become my all time favorite! It’s an absolute joy to watch as you try to guess all of the different tricks! The writing is phenomenal, and the actors are mind blowing with Jack Cutmore-Scott’s ability to play two completely different characters so well! The magic tricks are so well thought out and it’s amazing the time and effort that was put into this show by both the cast and the writers! Totally deserves a season two after that cliff hanger!
  • Deception

    By CeeJoberry13
    Such a fantastic show that didn’t get a chance to show everyone how good it was! No publicity at all and a bad time slot! But amazing how many viewers watched this! I guarantee u will get hooked! The magic and mystique is absolutely entertaining and a wonderful family show! Hoping for more episodes... last episode was s cliffhanger! Love love love this show!!👏👏👏👏👏
  • Bring the magic back

    By Gumby2001
    I was hooked from the very beginning. I love the character development, and the story lines are unique. Jack Cutmore-Scott is incredible as BOTH Cameron and Jonathan, and the rest of the cast is simply astounding. If any show deserves a second chance, it’s this one.
  • Needs a season two

    By RileyMG
    This is very refreshing, it’s a unique good quality show that we’ve been missing. Nothing else can compare to it. Desperately needs a season two! Hope ABC renews it or it gets picked up by another provider.
  • Amazing Show!

    By brookemessenger
    Deception is unique, positive, and magical! I love this show, and I hope it will be saved by a network that sees its potential. Definitely worth watching, and the acting is incredible!
  • Freaking awesome!

    By ashfarooque
    This show is full of twists that had me at the edge of my seat! I had so much fun watching it and was heartbroken to see it cancelled! #SaveDeception