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  • I’m in the minority here

    By HighFiveHellos
    …but i think the show got better once Rick left. It forced other characters into leadership roles and the situations became more interesting when the survivors didn’t have to rely on Rick or Michonne or Daryl or Carol to save them. Nothing against any of those characters, but I like the promotions everyone else got as a result of Rick and Michonne leaving.
  • Family

    By lolo_Luxious
    All cast in TWD from first season till now are families to me. I’ll always LOVE this show

    By Micah day
    The walking dead is literally the best show ever season 11 is my favorite by far , I just hope Rick makes an appearance 😂
  • Infection is Hollywood, not the Dead

    By FlipTheBastard
    This show was amazing and ALL the characters were great. The Womenfolk and the Interracial Relationship’s story development was natural in the majority of seasons. Then WOKE Hollywood Agenda Infected the show so severely, shoving it down the audience’s throat. Besides caring for Maggie, Carol, and Darryl’s outcome I have zero interest.
  • YUCK!

    By Prophet Amos
    This series should’ve been ended after the fifth season, this is like a zombie that won’t die!
  • Meh.

    By Tony 2Toes
  • Fantastic!

    By OLEEP
    Several bad reviews should be removed; the show has still creative content as it mirrors the comics made by Robert Kirkman. Overall its a masterpiece, theres some very strong and some above good seasons. Downloading Season 11 as I am typing... Looking forward.
  • Why is this still on?

    By 5-Star Barber
    Checked out shortly after Rick left. Checked in every now and then, but very hard to watch. Very uninteresting story and characters. OMG end this already
  • Don’t waste your money

    By Villela0409
    Can’t wait for this show to be over. Plot lines are so dumb that I can’t even watch it anymore. Wish I could give it a lower rating.
  • Be Patient

    By ImmortalHorsefang
    If you’ve bought or are thinking about buying the season 11 pass, you must be a TWD fan. If not, then why??? Anyway, this is a season PASS because not all of the episodes are being produced at the same time. It’s a smart move for the series. Keep us just satisfied enough to come back ready for more. Those who are throwing a toddler fit about not being able to see all the episodes, yeah, I get it. It’s annoying that we can’t watch all of it right now. But the producers, directors, artists, actors, and so many more are working hard on these new episodes. Give it time. I promise it’s worth it. As for season 11, I think the writers are doing a very good job at rolling the long-told story forward while keeping the characters relatable and personable. (Maybe not in the killing sense though…)