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  • iTunes season pass release delays

    By Rkclarke90
    I’m starting to notice a trend with purchasing season passes through Apple… new episodes aren’t released until days after they’ve premiered. This isn’t just with this specific pass either, it’s with any network/show. Super disappointed that a multi billlion dollar company can’t seem to get on top of this? It’s definitely been happening for a long time.
  • What’s up with Season Pass not airing episodes?

    By sum sd
    I paid for a season pass, but this week’s episode is not available to me unless I pay $2.99? Apple is a scam (has all Apple products🙄)! F you, Apple.
  • Purchased episode won’t play

    By w7bd
    How to get last episode to play?
  • Purchased season but only got the first 13 episodes

    By IGannoyed718
    Purchased season but only got the first 13 episodes
  • Bring back OG's

    By diverblue11
    ****Season buyer pass beware. Apple screws you. Go elsewhere to buy season. The show works when ladies are friends like RHONJ or RHOBH. All these ladies are plugging something and except for Gina and Emily aren't friends. Oh and Heather and Teri .. at first excited but they are the worst thing on RHOC. They only came back to plug some new TV show they're doing together. Use to like Heather when Tamra and Vicki teased her .. but without them she's queen bee and thrives as the richest and most fabulous (in her head). Other newbies Jen and Noella are just sad. Next
  • Paid for season pass but won’t let me watch anymore without paying again

    By freebird8282
    Paid for season pass but won’t let me watch anymore without paying again
  • Season pass? Or A hard pass?

    By LinderFu
    I purchased the season pass for season 16. And most of the time I only have to wait two days before the episode shows up in my watch now, which is still a pain but I can deal with that. Where I can’t deal with is the fact that I purchased the entire season pass and now I’m on episode 14 and it wants me to pay 299 for the episode. iTunes needs to figure this problem out or give me some of my money back. Which will probably not happen
  • Missing episodes

    By Smangelala
    I purchased a season pass to view on YouTube. 2 episodes are missing there. Episodes 11 & 12. I reached out to YouTube support & they say you collected the money for the season pass. 13 is now downloaded but 11 & 12 are still missing. Are you going to refund all of us watching on the YouTube platform who are missing 2 episodes?
  • refund?

    By DavidLoaezaaa
    I’m wondering if I could get a refund for my season pass??? These past 7 episodes have been a pain to watch. I have been watching RHOC since 2006, and this is by far the worst it’s ever been. Heather Dubrow and Noella are entertaining, but the rest of the ladies are a snooze fest. The show needs to remove Gina, Emily and Shannon! They are spoiled milk. A complete reboot guys! There’s so many fabulous ladies in Newport

    By Boyinthestreets
    I don’t care what haters say, Noella is not the villain and she is everythinggggg