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  • Stupid Hulu had to take this show off.

    By annoyingorange823
    How can we watch this show now? Do we have to frickin buy it!?! Yep, we do. Great. Thanks a lot, Hulu. I hate you.
  • Love this show

    By Mikeysti
    It’s a shame we can’t buy The banned episodes like Super best friends,200 & 201, we should be able to have the option to buy them if they did not broadcast them
  • Kick a**!

    By Rx8$*•~
    Love you guys!
  • Season 15, Episode 1. The rest is history.

    By Shiningfantasia
    Episode 1 was so funny, I forgot how funny South Park could be. I could not even breathe, nor think, straight while watching this episode. So very unfortunately, the following episodes fall under episode's 1 shadow, and are very unremarkable. However, any South Park fan would want to watch them anyway. But I would not spend an entire season's pass on this. Episode 1 of this season is the only episode worth downloading, and keeping.

    By Unicorn_Pony3137
    This episode (City Sushi) is not funny. Seriously, there are about two points in the entire episode that are almost remotely funny. Don't watch it if you liked the early seasons (then again, I can't tell you what to do). This is nowhere near as funny. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, THIS iTunes customer isn't buying any more season 15 episodes until you apologize for this episode!!! And probably not from any other seasons, either!
  • I am the last of the Meheecans!!!!

    By Inlovewithcristie
  • Thankxxx

    By 9andabovge
    I am so happy that itunes has this show in it's RAW form ....keep them coming and I'll keep watching...
  • Enough already

    By borwuk
    It's time to say good bye to South Park.
  • This season is meh

    By Buttersisawesome
    I kinda regret buying this season pass. It's got a few really good episodes such as Humancentipad, Royal Pudding, The Poor Kid and Last of the Meheechans. But South Park doesn't seem to have that spark that it had during the first 10 Seasons...
  • 6 Days to Air...

    By Luigithemetal64
    ...put that on iTunes.