By Oliver Stone

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2016-09-16
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 14min
  • Director: Oliver Stone
  • Production Company: KrautPack Entertainment
  • Production Country: Germany, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 4,201 Ratings


Academy Award®-winning director Oliver Stone (JFK, Born on the Fourth of July) tackles the most important true story of the 21st century. Snowden, the politically-charged thriller reveals the incredible untold personal story of Edward Snowden, the controversial figure who exposed shocking illegal surveillance activities by the National Security Agency and became one of the most wanted men in the world. A hero to some and a traitor to others, the provocative story of what led him to that fateful decision makes for one of the most compelling stories in recent history.




  • Overall good

    By TFHarmon
    Middle kinda slow but most overall is very nice
  • Sound problems

    By Reviewer 2014
    Do not rent this movie if you want to watch it on an Airbook. The sound quality is terrible and you can't hear the dialog.
  • Good movie - and so sad

    By Sharon1120
    Edward Snowden did a good thing and I pray he gets to come home one day. But, even if he does, he will always be looking over his shoulder. He gave up any kind of "normal" life and that makes me so sad for him. Big Brother will always be watching him... and all of us as well and there is nothing anyone can really do about it. This is the world we live in..... Just live a good honest life. This movie was much better than Ctizenfour as it tells so much more. Well done!!
  • Great movie

    By VeganJane
    I was always unsure about how I felt about what Snowden did. I understand why he did what he did and I feel bad that he is stuck in Russia, I guess when you work for the government there is no way to report grievances without fear of reprisal. Hopefully one day Snowden will be able to come home.
  • Absolute must watch

    By Altavelocidad
    I learned so much more about the world stage from this film, acting and story were perfect.
  • Love it

    By cocoa_1994
    Anyone who is a freedom fighter/truther/awakened person, I'm pretty sure you'd love this movie. Ps Edward isn't a traitor he did this to wake you up sheeple up to the truth on what the government do behind closed doors. Wanna blame someone? blame those to lied and keep secrets.
  • Accurate Portrayal

    By Hassell Kaye
    This is not a movie that preaches the words of the NSA and other US government sections unquestionably, this tells an accurate and up to date view of the story. Its not too technical and offers a suprisengly complete perception of the situation smoothly sliding ethics into the dialog. The vision of the movie is well. Also, I vaguely recall them involving Snowden in the production.
  • Unusual but good.

    By Gamer holdem
    I don't get the # of bad reviews on this flick. Saw it at a friends house and was totally believable ( even taking into account the inaccuracies) but that's ok. It's a MOVIE ppl for entertainment and a short time to deliver. And deliver this movie did. Loved it! 🤓👍👍👍👍✅
  • Nice movie

    By Edwardcck
    It's a great movie if you know the background of this true story.
  • Horrible, don't watch

    By L337h4k3rlulz
    Horrible movie