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  • So Good

    By Book Lover=D
    We watched this in the theater, and it was amazing. I’m pretty sure it was so much better then the first one. It is pleasing to both adults and teenagers.
  • Great Movie

    By The Real Paul Rudd (Ant Man)
    I absolutely loved this movie
  • Lol wait

    By gelatojoe
    So I can’t rent it… I HAVE to buy it? Nice one Cameron.. gotta fluff the numbers as hard as he can.. this movie is not great.. not terrible.. but would be more relevant like 10 years ago
  • Where did the Metkayina Clan go?

    By Dth3G
    Where did they go?
  • Great visual effects, but…

    By k.kiffmanntkd
    just too long of a movie. I think if it would’ve been edited by a good 90 minutes it’d have been better. Its basically a repeat of the storyline but with the addition of sea-life animals being killed and the family migrating to live with island style families; which had great computerized animated scenery. But it was just really, really too long a movie. So many blockbusters —not just this one—need to cut a bit more.
  • Outstanding

    By ledart
    Worth the wait. Latest Wonder of the World. Thank you James.
  • LONGER 😈

    By CECE.123
    I loved this sm ima need a 10+ one tho for all my avatar lovers 🤞🤭
  • Disgusting, self indulgent, waste of time

    By aninoslo
    I don’t think I can properly articulate how much I hated this movie. It was way too long, it was self congratulatory, self righteous and yet still somehow tone deaf and FULL of cultural appropriation. Embarrassing. Offensive. Time from my life I’ll never get back. For its runtime, I would have more enjoyed flying to Los Angeles, finding James Cameron and telling him to his face how much I disliked this movie.
  • A bit disappointing

    By Surinade
    I will try and give each of the sequels a shot but I agree that this did not hold my attention.
  • Took a while, but it was worth it…

    By Mufasa85
    Wow. All these petty one star reviews from people who freely admit to not even liking the first film and have therefore, most likely, not watched this one are insane. Avatar: The Way of Water is an experience just as the first film was. God tier visuals with a basic and simple story that still manages to touch hearts that are open. James Cameron has long said he wanted to be a populist director. The wild success of Avatar and its sequel proves beyond doubt that he most certainly is. The man knows what he is doing.