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  • Captions needed

    By Wilsonphtam
    Captions needed for all seasons please.
  • Great

    By april0
    I have seen 24 number of times , each season has different plots some have stories that you watch one day then next day it adds on I also enjoy how the characters are not missing
  • Best '24' season of them all

    By KF1983
    It has so much throughout the course of the season: parts of season 1 with Teri and George Mason, the ultimate terror threat, and Jack Bauer killing people and taking names (honestly Jack Bauer body count is a fun game), and Mr. Allstate himself coming back for more. Having seen every episode from Day 1 to Day 8, I love season 2 as the best, most suspensful and twisting of them all. JACK BAUER FOR PRESIDENT!!!!
  • Awesome

    By ushalldie01
    This is the best show ever but probably not the best for kids
  • best show ever

    By HOVA23III
    seriously this is the best show i've ever seen and its even better than watching a movie way more detailed.you can't just watch 1 episode in a day you have to watch 15.there's a major plot twist/ cliffhanger in every episode this really is and edge of your seat show.definitly watch season 1 first.
  • Great but...

    By Jps0419
    Great show but Kim Bauer is quite possibly the most annoying character in TV history.
  • Well done, but i would make sure your children under the age of nine are not in the room

    By MetalisLifeDEATH
    the torture scenes are the most graphic of all the 24 seasons they peel someones skin off with sand paper. not for the weak stomached
  • Even better then season 1

    By Freddy C.
    Season 2 is way better then the first. The torture scenes in this season can be a little graphic though. I'm going to miss George Mason. He was a good character.
  • Missing episodes

    By Tavey718
    All episodes did not download, I'm missing episode 1-4, and 8 on my PC, and episode 13 and 18 on my Macbook. The TV show is great, apple itunes has the problems.
  • to many bad guys, first him then him!

    By King Omi
    i think there were 11 main bad guys. you need it like season 4, 3 main bad guys and a lot of just bad guys.