Blue Thunder

Blue Thunder

By John Badham

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 1983-05-13
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 49min
  • Director: John Badham
  • Production Company: Rastar Productions
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 447 Ratings


Roy Scheider stars in this intense action thriller as a courageous police officer pilot battling government fanatics planning to misuse an experimental attack helicopter. Chosen to test Blue Thunder, Frank Murphy (Scheider) is amazed by the high-speed, high-tech chopper. It can see through walls, record a whisper or level a city block. Distrusting the military mentality behind Blue Thunder, Murphy and his partner Lymangood (Daniel Stern) soon discover that the remarkable craft is slated for useas the ultimate weapon in surveillance and crowd control. Jeopardized after being discovered by sinister Colonel Cochrane (Malcolm McDowell), Murphy flies Blue Thunder against military aircraft in a spellbinding contest over Los Angeles.




  • Great Movie even today

    By john wayne duke
    I first saw this movie over 30 years ago and it is still a great movie to watch today.
  • A Real “Killer” B Movie (one of 237!)

    By D. Scott Apel
    This review is an excerpt from my book “Killer B’s: The 237 Best Movies On Video You’ve (Probably) Never Seen,” which is available as an ebook on iBooks. If you enjoy this review, there are 236 more like it in the book (plus a whole lot more). Check it out! Blue Thunder: Tired of the same old car chases? Try a chopper chase instead. Tired of the same old car crashes? Try a couple of copter crashes (which have become almost a cliché in action movies since “Blue Thunder.” I recall seeing a gag pie chart entitled “What Helicopters Do In Movies,” for example, in which the entire pie is colored blue, and the Key reveals that blue equals “crash.”) Badham knows how to direct action (once he finally cuts to the chase), and here we get plenty: Copters vs. copters; copters vs. cars; F-16’s with heat-seeking missiles vs. Blue Thunder (and Frank’s wits); and—just in case you aren’t tired of car chases—a doozy of a chase that begins in a drive-in. There are in fact a lot of chases and a lot of destruction (but very little blood); some macho fun; adventure, suspense and wowing aerial action; and another wonderful performance from Scheider. All this, and you’ll find out what JAFO means! What more could a guy ask?
  • Love this movie!

    By ctt1wbw
    Only real movie people will know what JAFO stands for. Catch ya later!
  • Dunlapico

    By Dunlapjs
    Loved it the first time I saw it back in they day and buying it on iTunes and watching on my big screen/Bose system even better! loved this movie for a reason and it hasn't changed. My wife has never seen this movie and she instantly enjoyed it! Ah, Blue Thunder!
  • OMG

    By Max P. Sterling
    I didnt even know this was on here. this movie was one of my Favs back then. to see it again was fun. A little strange since the times have changed but fun.
  • Welcome to air support!

    By joe2010$
    I remember watching this movie as a kid. I wanted that cool Casio watch that Roy Scheider used with the digital stop watch. The scene where he slaloms that awesome Turbo Trans Am through the garage cones is the best!
  • Wow! a pre-Airwolf Airwolf!

    By LordofDreams
    Seriously, if this movie hadn't aired a year before Airwolf, I would have thought it was a ripoff... Now I have to see this movie to see how Airwolf rates in comparison.
  • Roy Scheider is the best!

    By Roberto78212
    This movie is original and full of great action sequences. Roy Scheider plays an unpredictable character to perfection. This movie is a great saturday night rental.
  • Blue Thunder

    By K II
    Not only a classic, but this is cult. One of the most brilliant movies of its time and still better than some new ones of today. Total movie experience throughout and Roy; we miss you.
  • A real "Gem" of the 1980's

    By the mean one
    A taut relentless action thriller about a top-secret anti-terrorist helicopter, as i remember was one of my favorite films from 1983, it had a cool effective performance by the late great Roy Scheider and brilliantly sinister by Malcolm Mcdowell. the film also has extraordinary oscar nominated cinematography. A real winner.