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  • Ads embedded

    By gblakeman
    Not sure why it’s ok for FOX to embed ads for other shows at the beginning and end of each episode. If i wanted that I would’ve streamed these from Hulu, not _paid_ for them on iTunes.
  • My favorite show!

    By danareadsbooks
    Bob's Burgers is my favorite show! While seasons 3-5 are my favorite, season 8 is worth the price just for the christmas episode.
  • Ryan clearly has no since of humor

    By literallyallnamestaken
    Love this show!!!! Embarrassed to say how many times I’ve rewatched each season.
  • Why does season 8 cost so much?

    By ¡Zluna!
    I love Bob’s Burgers, and was ready to buy season 8..why is it shorter and more expensive?
  • ads before and after

    By a series of words
    I apparently paid thirty dollars to see ads for other shows before and after each episode. Thanks for letting me know I don't need to buy another season, itunes.
  • Ryan is wrong, this show is fantastic

    By T1638391
    Remember when shows were funny AND witty? Not many of those left. However, Bob’s Burgers does it well. Great show.

    By majorthomas
    I am a 56 year old artist and father/husband who loves this series. The current season 8 is already must see. If you like or liked ‘King of the Hill’ but with a different location and story. If you like The Simpsons or Family Guy then this is the best. I like the family friendly guidelines but constant winks to the older geeks who love animation as great television!!! I have been watching and buying this show from season one. They are all worth watching and owning. I always have a few downloaded on my iPhone for emergencies! Seriously thoughtful and fun art and evolution of characters. It’s not a right week when a new episode is delayed. The problem with some other television or movie apps is that they are still on season 6 or something. So catch up on the Belcher family and the world of animation they live in. Very cool indeed
  • Brilliant Show

    By sean balko
    This show is brilliant and characters are perfection!
  • Ryan is not Amazing; the show is!

    By flyte44
    Don’t listen to the first reviewer Ryan not-so-Amazing; Bob’s Burgers is totally amazing and obviously doing so well it has its own soundtrack, tv show, cookbook, coloring book, Monopoly game, and so much more. It is about time ppl see how great it is. Go Bob!!
  • Ryan is confused

    By anyone but ryan
    I love this show! I can’t wait to see the new season!