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  • No Ads for me

    By Nictwisp
    Of course the last reviews were five years ago. Super funny show! πŸ”πŸ˜‚
  • Best show ever

    By fart fart 213
    This show is probably one of the best shows ever made in my opinion
  • References to Ads?!

    By InRage
    Don't know what the hell other people are talking about. No ads in the episodes when I bought as a season.
  • I don't know why people are saying there are commercials

    By Arberman89
    Commercials are non exist when you purchase this season! I'm not sure if they've changed it since the others made comments about the commercials, but I wanted to let anyone know if you wanted to buy it there are none. Loving the season so far!
  • Best Show Ever

    By Afyfuv
    This show is amazing
  • same episode twice...

    By hschneeb
    In season 4 the same episode appears twice with different titles. Be careful. Great show thou
  • No longer has ads

    By Megahut
    This season no longer has ads, they seem to remove them once there is a new season and just put them on those new episodes.
  • Stupid Fox

    By TallBearNC
    What is up with the ads? And especially with them being 10 times louder than the show itself? Bobs Burgers is a great show, but the ads are annoying and shouldnt be on something that we PAY for ! I like playing BB in the background when going to bed, but cant do it with these last seasons because of the overly LOUD commercials! Lets hope that with season 5, they dont put on the commercials!
  • Ads

    By Can’t think of nickname
    The show is really great! But the ads are a problem-they take up too much space and I paid for the season so I would not have to deal with any ads. Deserves 5 stars, but gets 4 for having ads. Please please PLEASE take them away.
  • Ads are horrible

    By My Name is Pox
    if you are a binge watcher... the ads kill the mood.