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  • Love this show

    By Thejusticeman
    ABSOLUTLEY hilarious. Definitley right behind How I Met Your Mother for my favorite comedy ever. Watch this, Zooey Deschenel is seriously adorable, you can't not love her. And coach is back!!! Damon kills it

    By Molly Schar
    I highly recommend this show to teens and adults!!! Each season has new funny plots that never get old!!! Not to mention the lovable characters that make the show even funnier. I would describe it as this generation's "Friends".
  • Never again

    By IcyRow
    I will never buy another thing from iTunes. The ads are complete BS!
  • Phenomenal!

    By leelee33333
    Absolutely love the show!!
  • New Obsession with New Girl

    By Ms. Actress
    I am literally in love with this show but I wish that the season pass wasn't so expensive. I have no other way of watching the show and i would but it if it wasn't almost $40! But this show is amazing! Totally worth a watch!
  • Would have given 5 stars if not for the ads!!

    By Leahhug
    I love this show. The characters, writing and actors are great, but I am super irritated by the Fox network ads included in every single episode. I do not have cable specifically so I can avoid the commercials. It frustrates me to no end to pay $49.99+ and have to see the exact same Fox ads for 25 episodes. I bought the season without checking this as I have not had this problems with iTunes purchases in the past. I will be checking all of my season pass purchases from now on and I won’t buy if the ads are included. It’s only a matter of time before they ruin paid content with commercials. We cannot let them get away with this. Shame on you iTunes and Fox. :(
  • LOVE

    By Cross Girl
    I absolutely love this show, so worth buying! I hope they make more cause this is one of the few shows that makes me actually Laugh Out Loud
  • Fox Ad's stopped me from buying the series.

    By hawktail83
    I read some mixed reviews of season three so I bought a couple of episodes and was shocked to see the ad's. As others have commented about this, I also think it's wrong to play ads on purchased content and was shocked to see them there. I guess I'll just wait to watch it on Netflix.
  • Amazing

    By WillBaird
    Absolutely the best show on television, hands down.
  • My void is filled

    By Levimowrermusic
    After watching friends, my life had an empty void, This show is perfect! It filled my void.