Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service

By Hayao Miyazaki

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 1989-07-29
  • Advisory Rating: G
  • Runtime: 1h 44min
  • Director: Hayao Miyazaki
  • Production Company: Studio Ghibli
  • Production Country: Japan
  • iTunes Price: USD 11.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 3,785 Ratings


From the legendary Studio Ghibli, creators of Spirited Away and Ponyo, and Academy Award®-winning director Hayao Miyazaki, comes the beloved coming-of-age story of a resourceful young witch who uses her broom to create a delivery service, only to lose her gift of flight in a moment of self-doubt. It is a tradition for all young witches to leave their families on the night of a full moon and fly off into the wide world to learn their craft. When that night comes for Kiki, she embarks on her new journey with her sarcastic black cat, Jiji, landing the next morning in a seaside village, where her unique skills make her an instant sensation. Don't miss this delightfully imaginative and timeless story of a young girl finding her way in the world, featuring the voices of Kirsten Dunst, Janeane Garofalo, Phil Hartman, and Debbie Reynolds.




  • Beautiful!

    By cutelittlecookey
    Kiki’s Delivery Service is so beautiful and I love the style and design of the characters!
  • Nahhhh

    By yhhhhhjjjkkllkfdgjjjkk
  • Great Movie! But get the older DVD

    By JacobKitts
    This is a great movie! One of my favorites! But if they're using the audio from the 2010 release, then I'm not going to buy it. I've read several reviews online saying the voices are distorted in that release, and that the 1998 version had better audio quality. I've also heard the 2010 audio reverts a few songs back to how the original was, which is good for preserving the original intent. But if the audio is broken on the voice recording, that's unacceptable. I'll happly buy this if they fix it.
  • It’s the edited version! Don’t buy!

    By LunarsLunaSnow
    Don’t buy unless they give us the original version!
  • 😡😡😡

    By chirstianeatsallday
    Please release the 1998 version with Kristen Dunst I’ll pay $20 for it. Pretty please
  • Not the version I grew up with

    By TwiliKnight12
    I’m highly disappointed that this Kiki’s Delivery Service didn’t have the audio I grew up with, which it’s the 2003 version. I understand that Disney wanted to change it back to original soundtrack to appease Hayao Miyazaki. But they could’ve at least redub it instead of using the same voice audios. Because whenever there was a certain part that didn’t have the music that sounded like 2003, Kiki’s voice sounded... how should I say it? It was terribly bad. Like it sounded like her voice was in different pitch. There’s even a video on YouTube that shows the difference, look it up and see for yourselves. Wished I had known about the change first before buying it. I’m sticking with DVD 2003 that me and my family.
  • My fav!!!

    By 😡mad reviewer
    Yesterday I watched this movie and it was great!!!
  • Issue with the English dub audio

    By InuChan0523
    Update: It’s been a few months and perhaps I just don’t recall how the audio is supposed to sound. There is still the same reverb with Kiki’s voice in the dub-the same issue as my initial review back in December. I suppose I’ll just wait longer to see if this issue is resolved or if it’s just me. I love this film so much but there is an issue with the dubbed audio track - Kirsten Dunst’s voice is the only one that has an issue with the audio. It’s very faint, but if you listen to her voice over the other characters, her voice sounds like she’s speaking through an oscillating fan. Everyone else, from what I can tell within the first 10 minutes of the film, sounds fine but Kirsten Dunst’s audio is awful. Currently working with iTunes on a resolution otherwise I will be getting a refund of the issue is not resolved.
  • Wrong Songs!!!

    By MissKaythomas
    I’m actually kinda disappointed cause this is my favorite movie!!!! They don’t have the English songs like “Soaring” and “I’m gonna fly”...Which makes me want to just go put my DVDs in instead.
  • Great movies, subs buried

    By Protect
    Subs are buried in extras, not a separate track. This makes it impossible to watch with the Apple TV app.