By Ridley Scott

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2012-06-08
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 4min
  • Director: Ridley Scott
  • Production Company: Dune Entertainment
  • Production Country: United Kingdom, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 4.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 11,675 Ratings


A team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a journey through the universe. There, they must fight a battle to save the future of the human race.




  • The best sci-fi

    By Aalijaa
    You will ever be privilege to be a part of. Those who get it have a brain, those who don’t can go and turn family guy back on.
  • Good premise

    By TheBigLion
    Fundamentally sound storytelling
  • Great Movie!

    By dougksti
    Don’t listen to the negative reviews - no one watches this because it will be in the top 10 films of all time — it’s sci-fi and it gives you everything needed to push the right buttons. I’ve watched this movie several times and always enjoy it. No critical review - just fun.
  • Good

    By GlennBond
    The more I watch this one the more I like it. It’s very good. Directed by the ever so great Ridley Scott.
  • FANTASTIC! 🎉👍🏻👍🏻

    By Tony 2Toes
    The one stars reviews are made by Michael Bay fan idiots. A group of ADHD nitwits that need shiny keys to play with to hold their pathetic attention span.
  • Most underrated film of the last 20 years.

    By Gvike321
    I have now watched this film three times with a few years between each viewing. This is a great film the visuals and story are fantastic. The acting is exceptional. This should have been much bigger than it was.
  • yeah!!

    By NatashaRogers
    the plot is so confusing and twisted that i'm unsure of what's going on for the majority of the film... but boy do i have a good time watching it!! it's such a gorgeous and interesting movie, and i really enjoyed the religious overtones. plus, noomi rapace and michael fassbender are extremely talented (and pretty!) so that really makes up for all of the pitfalls. accessibility note: i observed that there are a lot of missing words in the subtitles. nothing that ruins the movie, but still.
  • Just great!

    By Vincent NYMIA
    Just what sci-fi should be
  • Maybe it’s a parody

    By getshreddy
    The characters are so hopelessly stupid that they deserve everything that happens to them.
  • Human Intelligence and brilliant filmmaking

    By Nicholas becerra
    Prometheus isn't like any other alien film it's more about Sci-Fi stuff and the question of who made us and there are some few bad scenes in it too maybe this movie to smart for me besides this alien movie is smart indeed a smart in need deserves a brain indeed.