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  • Bring back Midlife-Crustacean

    By LobsterPartyMan
    I will never buy this until then.
  • Bring back Mid Life Crustacean!

    By Yorick Delano
    I get why you wouldn’t want to air that episode on television anymore, but I cannot think of a single reason on God’s green earth why you wouldn’t let a customer buy the episode and watch it on their own term, it’s simply asinine! Besides you can’t just burry the “are you feeling it now Mr Krabs” episode
  • Bring Mid-Life Crustacean back on iTunes!

    By Toongirl18
    I can’t believe they removed the best episode due to the panty raid joke which I loved and it was very admirable. Can you please make this available ever since then? It’s the best episode ever! This panty raid joke really makes me laugh for 3-5 year olds. They’ll really get the hang of the panty raid joke.
  • Missing Mid-Life Crustacean!

    By Ipadio54321
    I’m feeling like a total barnacle head for buying the episode without knowing that they removed it!!
  • Cancel Culture Strikes Again

    By Daverey06
    Though this is an excellent season of Spongebob, the cancel culture has yet again ruined a good thing by removing the Great Snail Race and Mid-Life Crustacean episodes from nearly every streaming platform. This has encouraged me all the more to purchase physical media as it can’t be altered years down the road when someone decided to be offended by it. The irony of a culture that thinks a man can be a woman and vice versa yet gets offended by an episode of Spongebob that originally aired in 2003 is something that is beyond words. This is a five star season, but I giving it one star because Apple and other woke companies have decided to cave and remove those two episodes.
  • Missing 1 Episode

    By Hackany
    Great Snail Race/ Mid Life Cerastion
  • Bruh

    By artsintg
    Ok I haven’t purchased this because I know there are some other places that have this much cheaper so it’s overpriced.
  • Nice in HD!

    By Frankie Piccione
    The HD remaster is worth the upgrade if you’ve been living with SpongeBob on DVD forever like I have. It’s also very nice to have the episodes in their full, proper half-hour form.
  • Super good

    By Shrek288373
    Best season in the series

    By mrboxingwhale
    As Lenny said in the Simpsons: season 3 of anything is the best!