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  • I love it!

    By Agneslady33
    I think the volumes are awesome! My cousin and I watch the volume and just laugh
  • Stupid

    By I'm awesome 34
    I think it was cool but stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @(0.0)@

    By BrianLeines
    i love 'a friendly game'!!!! SPONGEBOB ROX!!!!!
  • A review & a complaint, in that order.

    By Jaspre
    One would think Apple would listen to the customers' complaints from time to time, but this doesn't appear to be the case. Why would anyone wish to break up such a wonderful and entertaining show people of all ages can appreciate into nonsensical "volumes" no one appears to enjoy? Does it not make sense to leave the episodes in their original sequence and thereby ensure continued purchases? Of the many reviews I have read of these volumes, I cannot name even one person who appreciated this new system. Indeed, I read one or two reviews today vowing they would not purchase any more episodes until they were put back into the correct order. Such are thoughts I have. As for Apple... To whom it may concern, though we all believe you to be a bunch of twits for grouping these episodes into such unpopular patterns, I do hope you will correct your mistakes and revert back to selling the seasons as they should be. I can assure you I will not hesitate to purchase the seasons once I can clearly see what they are. Have a wonderful day, Apple. I hope business isn't complete bollocks. Lady Jaspre
  • Where are my seasons?

    By sarahsyee
    Bring back the seasons, this is just making things too confusing!
  • Sponge Bob Seasons

    By jburrud
    I am a loyal customer and I've bought every season of Sponge Bob. This new repackaging is BS and incredibly inconsistent with the TV Seasons system set up years ago. Please take the advice of the posted comments and go back to the TV Season ordering system. I'm still looking for the balance of Season 8, unless they only produced 6 episodes, and where is Season 9?!?
  • Volumes

    By figment1971
    i love the new volumes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not really
  • Problems!!!

    By Gaijin Gamer
    If these do not get changed back to seasons by 12/31/2012, I'm not buying them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What The HELL?!!!!!!!!

    By never known
    What happened to the complete seasons, now you're trying to sell me this crap?! I am not buying until there is full seasons!!!!!
  • Now...

    By dpinkston1
    New volumes, same episodes.