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  • The song Gary come home was emotional 😭

    By killainfan100
    The scene where Goldie and bear watch this will start crying (Someone sends a text to Goldie) Goldie: it’s our friend SpongeBob (the message says watch this video) Bear: SpongeBob sent us something let’s watch it (they both watch the video, but the video was sad, it was called Gary come home) is that Gary come home? (Goldie’s eyes water) Goldie? Are you ok? Goldie: no, that song was emotional. (Crying) Bear: me too! (Both crying while hugging each other, red, big bad, jack, and the three little pigs join the crying)
  • It’s not THAT bad

    By sonic be like🔊🔔
    This season is a eh/ok for me,you got to atleast know that it does have some decent episodes Season 1-3 awesome season 4-5 decent season 6-8 awful
  • My booty needs a scratch

    By dadawswaDd
    My boooty needs a scratch
  • Favorite

    By Christofferborgia41305
    This show is my favorite Nickelodeon shows along with Catscratch, Jimmy Neutron, Mr. Meaty, The Barbarian and The Troll, The Patrick Star Show, Kamp Koral, and The Chloe Park Show.
  • This is soooooo the best

    By Isabella_bella909😎🥳🦄🤩✨
    I love this show I don’t care what they say it’s super funny and cool 😎 I love this show🏝🏖
  • This is my favorite season! Love it!

    By spongebob is the best 123
    Best Spongebob season, IK people say season 1-3 is the best, but to me there just not, again best season ever (5 million out of 5!) Man I wish ITUNES let us rate stuff 10 out of 10 instead of the max being 5... well at least spongebob is on here
  • Nice in HD!

    By Frankie Piccione
    This season is not as good as Seasons 1-3, but it’s still an overall enjoyable experience, and the HD remaster is worth the upgrade if you’ve been living with SpongeBob on DVD forever like I have. It’s also very nice to have the episodes in their full, proper half-hour form.
  • My second favorite season of SpongeBob SquarePants!

    By Gideon S.
    I know some people said that the show was not the same during the fourth season, but I STRONGLY disagree with that opinion! To me, SpongeBob SquarePants was still fantastic and hilarious during its fourth season and holds a special place in my heart (along with seasons 1-3) due to the fact that I've been watching the show ever since I was 4 or 5 years old. This is my second favorite season of this show, behind seasons 2. The reason is because it's a really awesome season with so many fantastic episodes and interesting ideas you wouldn't expect from SpongeBob. Also, UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT! I actually love season 4 more than season 1 & 3. This season has some of my favorite SpongeBob episodes such as: Krusty Towers Have You Seen This Snail? Dunces and Dragons Fear of a Krabby Patty Patrick SmartPants Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture Wishing You Well Skill Crane Best Day Ever Best Frenemies Ghost Host Mrs. Puff, You're Fired That's No Lady Selling Out Chimps Ahoy Overall, on a scale of 0 to 10, I give this season a rating of 9.5 out of 10 stars. The reason is because of three okay episodes (Good Neighbors, Squid Wood, and All That Glitters). If it weren't for those episodes, I would've given this season 10 out of 10, and call it my favorite season of the show, along with seasons 2. Despite that, this season of SpongeBob SquarePants is really awesome and definitely my second favorite season of the show.
  • Sad but amazing

    By breadMan123802
    It’s a heart breaking episode
  • Good for the first half

    By Cheeseburger mania
    A lot of people say that this season marked the decline of SpongeBob and I agree with that... to an extent. I mean look at the first half of this season. There are so many classics Fear of a Krabby Patty, Shell of a Man, The Lost Mattress, Skill Crane, Have You Seen This Snail? These are all 2005 episodes and they’re great. Even going into 2006 there were good ones like Krusty Towers, Mrs. Puff Your Fired, and Dunces and Dragons. This season was great for the first half but the second half was pretty bad. But people seem to overlook this whole season entirely which isn’t fair because the first half, besides Good Neighbors and Funny Pants, is honestly just as good as Seasons 1-3 and I think fits in perfectly so if you’re questioning whether this season is good or not, watch the first half and you’ll be watching Classic SpongeBob. Hooray for SpongeBob! 1999-2006